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Kalpak Shah, of Studio Course, on building a home with timeless interiors

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In this edition of our ongoing series, Designers Hack, Kalpak Shah, Principal Architect of Studio Course based in Pune, takes us through a project they call T-House. He has taken the core elements of mid-century modern design and imbued flashes of personalisation that reflect his clients’ tastes and needs.

In this edition of our ongoing series, Designers Hack, Kalpak Shah, Principal Architect of Studio Course based in Pune, takes us through a project they call T-House. With subtle textural flourishes and natural finishes, Studio Course has created a home that is simple, warm and allows for the homeowners to make additions over time.

1. Create an interesting contrast
Creating contrasts adds a lot of character to a space. The brown wooden finishes bring in warmth and are then juxtaposed with cool shades. This not only generates visual interest, but also makes for a neutral base for adding in any elements of decor to pep up the space.

2. Bring the outdoors in
Inspired by nature, a lot of natural finishes and colours are seen in the house. Wooden finishes dominate the material palette, along with a concrete-like finish on the walls and ceilings, made using Asian Paints Stucco Marmelano. This has been done to create an earthy look. Little pockets of green come in through indoor plants. This way the calmness of the natural elements surrounding the house continue inside it as well.

3. Work around a style
Working around a style makes the home look seamless and not haphazard. Here, the clients wanted a contemporary mid-century modern home, which gave the project a direction in terms of decor. Every single element, including the furniture, works around this theme. This way the look and feel of the space flows well from one room to another.

4. Make a subtle statement
Whenever a neutral palette is to be created, people choose plain light shades. But here, the concrete finish walls and ceiling have a texture. This creates subtle textural interest. This also allows the homeowners to further decorate the space without affecting the overall look of the setting.

Kalpak Shah is the principal architect at Studio Course.

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