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Indian vs Italian marble: guide to choose the best for your home

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Are you starting by renovating your home and need some home interior ideas? Here’s one - your house interior design ideas should include marble. You will get to know more as the article progresses further.

Marble is a very durable material making it one of the most beneficial for any home décor. If you want either minimalistic or extravagant home interior design, marble fits well in both cases. Marble adds a certain sparkle that can uplift your home décor. Marble is a natural stone available in different colours and veins or striations. It is also known to be a symbol of purity.

Why choose marble for your Indian home interior design?
●        easy to clean,
●        remains shiny throughout and
●        lasts long.

Marble has the quality of adding an extra edge and style to your décor. One look at your home décor, and everyone will be just awestruck. But did you know using marble in your Indian home interior design is an added value and boosts investment?

There are two types of marbles mainly used for any home décor -  Indian and Italian Marble. So let's understand more about them 

Marble has the quality of adding style to your Indian home interior design & home décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nathan Oakley/ Unsplash

in-depth below.

Indian Marble

Indian Marble is widely available in mines across North India.  Particularly in the following states -  Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. There are various Indian marbles to choose from that are known for their colours and veins globally.
●        The Makrana Marble
●        The Ambaji Marble
●        The Indian Green Marble
●        The Onyx Marble

Cost: ₹80* per sq ft onwards
Available in different colours and thickness.

Italian Marble

As it says in the name itself, Italian marbles are from Italy, and you need to import them into India. These marbles are the best fit if your home interior ideas revolve around having a dreamy home.

Here are some of the widely known Italian marbles that are widely famous:
●        The Statuario Italian Marble
●        The Botticino Italian Marble
●        The Carrara Italian Marble

Cost: ₹350 per sq ft
Available in slabs only and different colours.

Still unclear on what to choose? Check the details below to help you choose the marble of your choice and make your home interior ideas possible.

Indian marble is known to be durable and sturdy. It does not break easily.
Italian marble is softer and can break easily.

Indian marble is a low maintenance option as it does not catch any stains/scratches easily.
Due to the nature of the Italian marble, it is prone to scratches/stains.

Indian marble is best to use for your kitchen, tabletops and even floors.
Italian marble is best as a decorative piece for your home décor.

Indian marble comes with a medium lustre with a slab thickness of about 30mm.
Italian marble is high in lustre and comes with a slab thickness of 20mm*.

How does marble fit into Indian home interior design?

Use marble for your tabletop or coffee table for a chic living room decor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Jonathan Beckman/ Unsplash

1.    Tabletops:

Get ready to glam up your elegant living room with an elegant marble tabletop/coffee table. It will act as an amazing and eye-catching centrepiece in your room. It will surely be a place where all the conversations will happen.

2.    Kitchen tops
Your kitchen décor will be taken to the next level when marble will be an addition to it. Using Indian marble is the best option as it needs to be durable and do the heavy lifting. Marbles come in different colours and veins that will give a classy and unique look.

Marble is popularly used in kitchen countertops& adds elegance to the kitchen décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Laura Adai/ Unsplash

Use marble slabs in your bathroom interior design for an elegant bathroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Curology/ Unsplash

3.    Bathroom
Let your bathroom design stand out with a modern yet stylish look with the use of marble. Instead of the small tiles, the marble slabs provide an elegant touch and even a distinctive and luxe element to the home décor.

4.    Flooring
Indian home interior design has a special place for marble when it comes to flooring. It can be used in any part of the room to attract all the attention. Using dark and statement marble is the best option to go with it.

Dark & statement marble flooring in Indian home interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

How to take care of the marble?

The marble is a natural stone, but you need to maintain the look and feel. Here are some tips.
●        It is advisable to use a mild detergent (make sure it is not acidic) and a soft cloth to clean the marble.
●        The marble will need polishing over time if the shine is fading.
●        Use it with care as heavy objects can cause a hairline fracture over time.


When looking for inspiration to glam up any corner of your room, don't forget to include marble in your home décor ideas. It is easy to incorporate into your existing and modern home décor.

Let the marble reflect your choice and personality in the best way possible. Make your home décor the conversation starter, and enjoy the classy look with marble home décor.

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