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Leaving a lasting impression on future generations is no easy task. Khushnam Polad shares insights on how a single piece redefined the furniture industry

Creating a masterpiece that will excite people about the future is a skill not many have. In 1958 Arne Jacobsen designed something for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen which had never been seen before. He changed the face of history and inspired a slew of modernist designers around the world. I first saw the famous Egg Chair in Toronto, Canada at one of my favorite designer boutiques downtown.

This iconic chair was born from the simplistic beauty of Danish design thinking, delivering on the belief that design should be minimalistic and classic. The curvaceous wavelike shape showcases Jacobsen’s desire to create an elegant and sensual form. Its sculpted appearance is understated providing just the right amount of privacy when being used in public spaces. It is great for a lounge setting, waiting area or any modern living room. Its success lies in its ability to be conceived ahead of its time, thus stirring controversy and making it memorable. Although the highly priced chair was originally designed for the most opulent surroundings it was even seen in a few McDonalds outlets.

The passion with which this piece was crafted is visible in the sculpted clay models leading up to the final design. Jacobsen is probably the most famous and admired Danish designer of all time. What I love most about this product is how it has taken its cue from nature. A simple idea brought to life! The chair has inspired many peculiar yet compelling products including the Egg Pod Speaker Chair, a modernized version, customizable in almost any choice of fabric or speaker configuration.

Although the famous Egg Chair was created more than 50 years ago, it still remains to be a visible influence on society today. It has been reproduced worldwide in various colors and textures and truly is a recognizable classic. Its graceful design and timeless appeal make it one of the most iconic pieces of the 20th century. Some of Jacobsen’s other triumphs include the SAS House, The Swan chair, Seven Series and The Visor Lamps. From architecture, to interiors, to industrial design, this visionary designer always delivered brilliance.

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