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From sleek minimalism to retro funk, this classic piece of furniture can fit any décor style

In the world of design, the Eames chair is a classic piece of furniture. This mid-century icon gained popularity because it offered the perfect balance of functionality, beauty and affordability; making it an instantly recognizable piece in modern design. When Charles and Ray Eames set about the task of designing this piece, the aim was to create a chair that was extremely lightweight yet strong and versatile- a product that could essentially be a part of everyday life while being non-obtrusive yet having a characteristic edge.

Charles Eames once said that this chair was probably one of their most challenging products to design, as it did not stand up to regular use, developing cracks in the back seat. The final chair took a year to perfect and was released in 1951. The molded shell with the unique base designed in abstract forms creates a beautiful contrast. It is also extremely comfortable and above all, technologically advanced. Over the years, the chair has become a favorite for architects and interior designers around the world.

What inspired Charles and Ray to create this chair? At the time they were trying to find a way to make their designs low cost and efficient. They entered a low cost furniture design competition hosted by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The duo was working in almost every medium imaginable. Ultimately they were focused on giving birth to a new future for everyone not just the affluent. The unexpected combination of materials used gave their chair critical praise and allowed them to effectively reach the masses through mass production. These chairs were the first to be made out of industrially produced plastic. Due to this, they were able to infuse vibrant, expressive colors that wouldn’t dull or fade. They even added a more playful aspect to the design by creating three distinct types of bases. The duo wanted their products to always be personal and adaptable.

This chair has continued to carry the legacy of Charles and Ray Eames through the pioneering use of new materials even today. The Chair is currently available in a wide range of materials and 

A fabric upholstered version of the classic Eames chair.

colors, and since it comes in customizable finishes, it can match the interiors of almost any space. Simple, ergonomic and functional-  it is truly a timeless classic.

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