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It may not be the seat of power in your home, but the Mooda has come a long way surviving many design eras

The Mooda is a type of stool that was native to India. New, modern adaptations have since been fashioned to keep up with the times. Since each piece is handmade and handcrafted by craftsmen individually, each one is unique in its design.

Cylindrical in shape, it is woven from the stalks of the Sarkanda plant with the criss-cross design held together at the spine with twisted rope or Jeverdi. The seat is woven out of the same rope material. Made of completely natural materials, the is Mooda extremely light weight and easy to move around the house.

The traditional design has been reimagined by modern artists and is now available in different colours and material. From colourful patch-work tops to contemporary stools, Moodas are all about keeping an age-old design relevant. The most popular modification is the Ottoman. We love the variation, "Strip" stool designed by Ayush Kasliwal, which is made by bird cage artisans from woven metal strips.


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