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Tips to create a gallery wall design

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It’s time to show your walls some love; get all your art out of the cupboard and put them up on your walls

Gallery walls have been having a moment for a while now, and their popularity hasn’t gone away. Just check your Instagram feed or take a deep scroll through your Pinterest boards. Don’t know what a gallery wall is? These are sections on a wall with a collection of prints assembled together to give you a gallery-like feel.

We all have prints collected over years that never got framed. So prints lie waiting in storage for what seems like an eternity until we decide enough is enough- our walls need some love, too. And they do. Read through on what to consider when creating a gallery wall.

1.    Location:

Decide which part of your home would look best with a gallery wall. If you want to showcase your collection of prized art, the living room is probably the best bet since it has the most visibility and traffic.  If you want to put together a set of personal pictures on the wall, the bedroom design or inner corridors might be a better idea so it’s visible only to close friends and extended family. Putting together your favourite travel pictures, for instance, works well above a space like a home study. In the living room, the wall behind your couch serves as a good option for a gallery wall.   

2.    Gallery Wall Style:

The way your gallery wall looks stems naturally from your preferred personal style. If you are more of an OCD personality, who likes order above all else then plan a gallery wall that’s precise and follows a symmetry that you will find visually pleasing. If you are more of an eclectic hoarder who a studied, careless approach to decor, then an asymmetrical style will please you more.

Once you’ve decided where you want to create your gallery wall, and what style will follow, it’s time to plan the actual hanging of the frames. Follow our steps below:

1.    Lay all the selected prints on the floor. Assemble them in a
       way that you want up on the wall.

2.    This is the part where you decide how to lay out the prints
       visually. See that you don’t put prints that clash next to each
       other. Space out the prints in a way that appeals to you

3.    Take a picture of the set-up that you liked on your phone as a

4.    Outline each of these prints on a sheet of brown wrapping
       paper (easily available at your local stationery store).

Asymmetrical style gallery wall design - Beautiful Homes

If you like an asymmetrical style, you can use this guide to plan your wall.

5.    Carefully cut each outlined sheet and tape them on the wall temporarily based on the set-up plan you like, using the phone image as a

6.    Based on whether you have a frame with a single or double hook at the back, mark the exact point where you need to drill a hole for each

7.    Use these temporary marks on the brown paper to guide your carpenter on where to drill holes for your prints.

Once done, put up the prints and voila, your gallery wall is ready.

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