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10 iconic shades you should know about for home interior

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From mint to parrot, olive to jade, 10 great-looking shades for your home

It’s the colour of wisdom—and the colour of envy; it has religious significance—and it’s also the colour of money. Essentially, green in all its warm shades, cool tints (and significant symbolism) is everywhere you look. We bring you the 10 most iconic hues of the colour, and with some help from Asian Paints, we show you how to use them at home interior and the colours they’ll work best with.


ICONIC ASSOCIATION: Owing to oxidation over the years, the copper-made Statue of Liberty has turned into a distinctive shade of sea green. The landmark’s new hue is now also seen in the fire escapes and window trimmings of buildings in the Bronx.
APPLICATION: Use the ‘7569 Iced Kiwi’ tint (it really pops!) to highlight a statement wall. Team it with ‘8674 Coral Bells’, or balance it out with ‘8339 Ocean Cruise’.

Sea green shade for home interior - Beautiful Homes

Lime green shade for home interior - Beautiful Homes


ICONIC ASSOCIATION: Shrek, the lovable hater of all things that move, led fans of the ogre to petition crayon-maker Crayola on Change.org to produce an exact Shrek Green shade as a tribute to the heroic monster.
APPLICATION: The ‘7773 Lemon Souffle’ is great as an accent and can offset a wall done using ‘7221 Grand Grape’ or ‘3203 Puppy Love’.


ICONIC ASSOCIATION: Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, a series of about 250 oil paintings, exemplifies French Impressionism. The celebrated artist used shades of green to eloquently represent the change in seasons.
APPLICATION: A ‘9381 Rich Olive’ teamed with ‘8141 Passion Fruit’ colour is a surprising combination. The shade also teams well when used as trimming on a wall painted with ‘8426 Stone Steps’.

Olive green shade for home interior - Beautiful Homes

Henna green shade for home interior - Beautiful Homes


ICONIC ASSOCIATION: While How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) is adapted from Dr Seuss’s famous namesake book for children, the titular Grinch, unlike the black-and-white illustration (with red and pink tints) in the book, was turned this shade of green by legendary animator Chuck Jones. The inspiration? Apparently a car he was renting was painted in the same shade.
APPLICATION: Make a statement with ‘Chrome Green X160’ and ‘7849 Pebble Moss’. A wall painted in ‘0684 Crusade N’ on top and ‘Chrome Green X160’ below makes for an intriguing match.


ICONIC ASSOCIATION: To quash counterfeiting in the 19th century, the US government opted for green ink to print dollar bills. The colour was chosen not just because it is durable and difficult to copy but also because it is visually associated with strength and stability.
APPLICATION: ‘8709 Awakening’ is an ideal colour to use in a passage leading up to a room done entirely in ‘Pista Cream-N K156’. Alternatively, this tint can be paired to great effect with ‘8423 Grey Cloud’.

Pistachio green shade for home interior - Beautiful Homes

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Jade green shade for home interior - Beautiful Homes


ICONIC ASSOCIATION: Traditional Kerala murals depict Lord Ram in this distinguishing shade, created using natural pigments and vegetable colours.
APPLICATION: Colour block using ‘Jade Impact 7536’ on top and ‘7504 Ocean Breeze’ below. For use in the living room, ‘Jade Impact 7536’ is an ideal colour for an accent wall, offset by ‘8435 Grey tint’.


ICONIC ASSOCIATION: Raw Mango’s Heer collection borrows from the culture of pre-partition Punjab. Inspired by traditional bridal festivities, part of the line showcases textiles in vintage archival Varanasi silk brocades in this shade.
APPLICATION: ‘Madras Green-i X184’ is ideal as an accent that contrasts well with either the fresh and light ‘8260 Camphor’, or the warm ‘7892 Pale Ivory’.

Rama green shade for home interior - Beautiful Homes

Parrot green shade for home interior - Beautiful Homes


ICONIC ASSOCIATION: This shade is popularly used in green screens for visual effects. Although these were blue when first used in the 1960s, they were changed into this neon tint because it’s nothing like our human skin tone. This made it easier to select and change the green to any other image in post-production.
APPLICATION: ‘7662 Hidden Hills’ perfectly complements ‘8430 Stoic Grey’. A generous use of ‘L120 Mint Luster’ is an ideal backdrop for accents and trimmings in this shade of green.


ICONIC ASSOCIATION: Perfect camouflage in fields and jungles, this hue used by the Indian military keeps its soldiers concealed and protected.
APPLICATION: The ‘0254 Autumn Gold’ shade is ideal for a signature wall and works well with either the pale ‘3165 Ivory Coast’ tint or the subtle ‘6126 Nickel Grey’.

Military green shade for home interior - Beautiful Homes

Forest green shade for home interior - Beautiful Homes


ICONIC ASSOCIATION: While in Paris during Nazi Germany’s occupation of France, Pablo Picasso painted the Woman in Green in 1943, in his recognisable surreal-cubism style. The artwork is said to be a dark portrayal of his muse, French artist Dora Maar, seated in a confined space.
APPLICATION: For exterior facades, trim a sepia-toned ‘8466 Twinkling Star’ with ‘9285 Plantation’. Inside, use this outdoorsy shade on a single wall and offset it with a muted ‘0956 December Frost’ tint.


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