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5 winter plants for the home décor

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Choose your green friends well when the temperature drops. Here’s a list of five house plants that will keep your home looking fresh and inviting this winter

We all love when there’s a bit of a nip in the air and welcome the winter season heartily. But houseplants tend to get easily affected by the change in weather due to drier, less humid air and shorter hours of sunlight. The effect on their health is visible only when they start to droop, wilt or even shrivel a bit.

Here are five plants you should get for the winter season

·    Marigolds
India’s ubiquitous ‘celebration flower’ used for all ceremonies and festivals, these sunny florals brighten up even the dullest days. As annuals, they keep well even in colder months. Place them near the sunniest windows.

·    Petunias
Balance those golden hues with some pinks and purples by getting a pot or two of petunias. Hang them in baskets and planters to draw the eye upwards. These require about five to six hours of sunlight and low humidity, so be sure to place these near the window for extended amounts of time.

·    Snake plants
These are great winter time plants as they survive absolute neglect and thrive well in cooler temperatures. Their architectural shape and twin bright green shades make them a visual delight in any home. Plus, they grow well in indirect sunlight, hence the shortened daytime is beneficial to them.

·    Spider plants
Its official name is Chlorophytum comosum but this flowering perennial herb is also known as airplane plant, St. Bernard's lily and more. These are easy to care for, need indirect sunlight and thrive in cooler temperatures.

·    Poinsettia
These plants are associated with the Christmas season and their bright red bursts of colour, bring warmth and merriment just by being placed in a room. Spread these around the house for a bit of nature-inspired home décor oomph. Be careful, though as cold temperatures and overwatering can damage its beautiful leaves.

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