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Easy ways to add colour to the décor of a room

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We all have dominant and distinct colour preferences. But we also know that, unlike a teenager who may want to splash a favourite colour all around their personal space, adults must mute some of their wilder decor inclinations. Or perhaps you don’t. A preferred colour can be brought into a space in myriad ways. It doesn’t just have to show up as paint or wallpaper, it can be highlighted more subtly through smaller products, and that will allow you to change things up again whenever you like. If you do not want your colour choices to become jarring then opt for pastel, diluted shades from the same palette. On the other hand, if you’re after drama then choose from opposite ends of the colour spectrum, but still, keep it complementary. 

We have some suggestions on how you may add your favourite colours without really-really committing to it by painting the walls. You already know that you can do this with a playful/informed choice of bolsters, cushions, runners; fittings and accessories of electrical appliances; outlines to windows, entryways, or seating corners; dramatic furniture with funked up covers, and of course plants. Now you can try these other options as well:

TILES: Tiles add so much oomph and drama to a space. You may use them as single pieces artistically, strategically strewn like art pieces hung on the walls. In large spaces, congregating them in corners where people like to cosy up, adds a point of interest to a room. Or on the contrary, you can place them in “dead” spots of the home where nobody goes or stays for long to infuse a bit of life into them. Other great locations for tiles are entry ways, arches, beside light sconces, at window frames. Kitchen backsplashes are another thrilling design subject altogether.

Unlike before, the range of tiles you can choose from are enormous: Sparkles, glitter, metallics, and pieces with 3D effects, especially where it comes to floor tiles, copies of popular art 

A wall fitted with green and white tiles

Tiles add so much oomph and drama to a space. Image courtesy, Liana mikah/ unsplash

pieces imprinted into tiles, like Van Gogh’s sunflowers, even art tiles pieces created exclusively for you by well-known artists, or revisiting the comfort of more popular patterns from Moroccan or Mughal cultural traditions, anything is possible.

LIGHTS: The most obvious way to play your colour through lights is to choose some fun coloured bulbs or pop fixtures. For the latter, these days there are lots of easy DIY kits available online. Or your smart local electrician can recreate your dream lighting from a reference. You can fix them as patterns or wordings as well. Pick a phrase you love and have it custom fabricated—voila, artistic and colourful!

Lamp shades made of leather or textiles are a simple way to sneak your favorite colours into the room, inviting their presence even during daytime. Modular or themed paper lanterns in colours of your choice can be stylish and engaging. Stained-glass lamp shades are costly for a reason, but it brings a conversational piece into a room, and while it is a vintage touch, a commissioned piece would add a personal contemporary narrative. 

A room with two artworks hung on the wall

The most definitive way to draw colours into any space is with art pieces. Image courtesy, Pexels ksenia chernaya

ART: The most definitive way to draw colours into any space is with art pieces. These can be original pieces which energise and individualise any space, adding the distinct signature of style. If original art works are not in your budget, you can get good reprints at affordable prices. Smaller art pieces can be clustered to create a mood, especially if they have a storyline: For example, you bought them over your various trips.

They can also be tied together by favouring one colour for all the frames.

Conversely you can spice it all up by using different frame colours for each piece. You may also use your favourite fabrics or textile motifs and frame them, to dramatise your connections to craft, art and colour combinations in your personal spaces like bedroom. Even just plain beautiful handmade paper says oodles about who you are and what you value.

FRUIT, OR FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS: This is sheer luxury. It also means a constant, even daily engagement with the arrangement. But it personalises, livens and colours a space like little else. The moment real flowers enter a space it brings life and a mood-change with it. Not all flowers are expensive and everything has a different lifespan—some go longer than others. Florists can create bouquets as per your colour choices, so you can really personalise it, and even have a weekly order delivered. 

Other options are artificial floral arrangements by popular florists. Though these can be expensive, they last forever. Many are washable as well. Fruit arrangements speak of abundance. There is an atavistic, primeval, satiating response to the visual of a well-stacked fruit arrangement, which also explains their popularity as still-life subjects. A fake-it-but-still-beautiful alternative here is an arrangement of glass or wood replicas of fruits. That is a confident, stylish but sustainable statement.

CRYSTALS: Another superb way to add an exotic dash of your favourite colours into  spaces is with the fabulous crystals, gem and rock formations.

They range in size from just a few inches wide to several feet in height and length. They come in a riot of colours and tones, with the added allure of glint, shimmer and natural structure that is eye-catching and exciting.

Today crystal sellers stock not just local stones but also enchanting international ones. Most crystal lovers would prefer natural formations, but the stones are also carved into brilliant pieces such as deities, wildlife, etc. Even amongst these there are two types: one, that is sculpted on natural rock; another on powdered rock that is then shaped into these figurines 

A table top with crystals and stones placed on it

One of ways to add an exotic dash of your favourite colours into spaces is with the fabulous crystals, gem and rock formations. Image courtesy, Sarah brown/ unsplash

as if it were clay. These tend to have a more even tone, without the natural striations or texture of an original rock piece. The lines of the art piece when done with powdered crystal will be, therefore, more defined. The choice will totally depend on your inclination. As far as the price goes, there is not much difference.

Some crystal-gemstone addicts also keep a grid of these stones in a prominent and visible part of their spaces as cabochons for various healing purposes; or to bring good luck or ward off evil. Crystals are huge in Vastu Shastra and can be even more personalised with expert consultation.

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