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DIY wall décor ideas inspired by interiors designers

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If you spend a while on Pinterest admiring unique, invigorating interior design content, only to add them to your moodboard, wishing to achieve it without burning a hole in your pockets, don’t worry. We’ve all been there. But what you’re about to discover in this article will not only inspire you to get creative but also leave you knowing how DIY hacks can easily enhance your home design.

Buying art pieces or installing external structures is a good way to design your walls but could also be a bit expensive. Let us take you through some DIY wall décor ideas that will help you turn your design dreams into reality.

It’s a common sight to see colourful pebbles enhance wash basins or fountains but ever thought how big sliced rocks could be stuck on a wall giving it a countryside stone age feel? Yes, it may take a while and some tools to successfully and safely attain this look but it surely is worth it.

Diy wall décor with colourful stones & pebbles giving countryside feel - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Francesca Tosolini/ Unsplash

Diy wall décor that is handcrafted with jute with a bohemian feel - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

You must have seen this form of art pieces adorn dining and center tables, most commonly used as table mats or even rugs. But how beautiful do they look hanging on the wall, adding a hint of bohemian touch to this dining area. Be it in indoor or outdoor spaces, you can easily create such decoration pieces all by yourself.

Simple shelves, in non-symmetrical design can be used to showcase old and used glass bottles and handmade ceramic/clay pieces. Not only does this add a touch of countryside décor but is also a simple way of reusing things that stop serving their core purpose.

Diy wall décor with old & used glass & ceramic pieces for a countryside feel - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Hutomo Abrianto/ Unsplash

Creative diy wall décor of a living room with colourful rugs & plates - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sarita Handa

Another little uncommon but a creative way to decorate your walls is by hanging small or large rugs that go with the design and colour theme of your space. You can also paint ceramic plates and hang them in sets for a mesmerising blast of colours in your home design.

We’ve all made a moodboard at some point in life and if you haven’t, you must, for it’s the most self-inspiring project you can take up. While one way is to print out all images and pin it on the soft board, a more aesthete way is to frame each and every image and decorate your wall.

Diy wall décor with classy mood boards & frames - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Jonny Caspari/ Unsplash

Diy wall décor with personalised wall art  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Kam Idris/ Unsplash

Take your some sketch pens and let your imagination flow on a piece of paper or a canvas. Make them in a couple or sets of more and frame them to have yourself a personalised set of art pieces, ready to enhance your bedroom with diy wall décor.

If you have talented kids, or not, picking their creative pieces of drawings and framing them is not only an appreciative act to encourage them but also a beautiful diy hack to make your space more personalised and interesting.

Diy wall décor by drawings & paintings created by kids for personalised decor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sven Brandsma/ Unsplash

Diy wall décor with metal antiques made of gold - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Stephanie Harvey/ Unsplash

Be it bronze, gold or matte black, find antique pieces and hang them on the wall to enhance your home design. You can easily find affordable pieces in furniture thrift stores near you which can be used as is or refurbished by yourself. The best part? These kinds of old pieces easily add a soul in any space.

If a modern yet industrial style entices you, the best way to decorate a diy wall for you is by installing some bricks or metals and painting them rustic. You can also choose to display them in their raw form for a rustic interior mood. 

Industrial diy wall décor with bricks painted for a rustic mood - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Walter Knoll


Which diy design hack did you like the most?

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