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Design tips that will make your 1bhk home interior design look spacious

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A 1 Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen or 1BHK as it is more commonly known as, can be quite a task to effectively renovate. Especially in urban settings, these apartments tend to have smaller rooms with limited space. Maximizing space in a small 1BHK house design can be difficult. You need to find a balance between adding enough pieces for functionality and storage but also keep the home as clutter-free as possible to expand the floor space. In this article, we look at different ways in which you can not only maximize space in a 1BHK house design but also different design elements that create the illusion of space.



Choose a neutral colour palette for a 1BHK interior

The largest surfaces in any home are the walls, floors and ceiling. To make your 1BHK home design appear bigger, go for neutral or muted colours on these expanses. These colours can create a bright, open space and reflect light, making your home seem spacious and airy. They are also so versatile and work with any décor colour palette, which is ideal if you’re planning any future interior decor updates. Painting your walls and ceilings is fairly simple but if you cannot change your flooring, use large area rugs in light shades that match your general colour scheme.

Neutral colour palette to add more drama to your 1 bhk interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photographee.eu/ shutterstock.com

Furniture to make your 1 bhk interior design look more spacious - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Maishaa

Make your 1BHK flat design look more spacious with minimal décor style

Neutral colours can work with almost any décor idea, though we recommend sticking to minimalistic designs. Minimal décor doesn’t necessarily translate to boring. The key is to infuse the neutral space with a hint of colour and character while avoiding bulky and too much furniture. Furniture and decor for the small space is all about proportions. Use a few streamlined pieces of furniture or accessories instead of several smaller pieces which can make a small space look cluttered. When you fill your rooms with bulky furniture, it makes the 1BHK home design appear smaller. Choose streamlined, visually light pieces with legs that lift the bulk off the ground.

Use open plan layouts in a 1BHK house design

A great way to make a 1BHK house plan feel more spacious is by creating a seamless transition between the kitchen, living and dining rooms. Most 1BHK flats come with a combined living and dining area with an adjacent closed kitchen layout. By creating an open plan kitchen, you can visually expand your floor plan. If you are wary of a completely open kitchen, consider semi see-through partitions like glass doors, wood slats, decorative jaali or metal panels which lend enough privacy when required but still keep the space airy and well-lit. A design that allows for these partitions to slide open and shut, when need be, works even better. Read about the pros and cons of open and closed kitchens here. Another way to visually open up the space is by installing glass sliding or folding doors wherever possible, like between the living room and balcony. Glass creates a visual connection with the adjoining area giving the illusion of a bigger room.

Open plan kitchen layout to make your 1 bhk house design look more spacious - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Bathroom design for your 1 bhk house plan - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dariusz Jarzabek/ shutterstock.com

Maximize your 1BHK house plan

With limited floor space, it becomes necessary to take advantage of every inch available to you. One option to increase your area is to enclose your balcony and install tall sliding windows to bring in maximum light. You can turn this extra space into a wonderful seating nook or even a work from home setup within your 1BHK floor plan. Another way to get the most out of your 1BHK flat design is to combine rooms. For instance, you could combine your WC and shower area into one larger bathroom for more space. Or say you have a small powder room adjacent to the kitchen. If you are fine with one bathroom in the house, you could break down the powder room and expand the kitchen. The important thing to keep in mind before undertaking major renovations like these is your lifestyle and preferences. Understand how you will use the space in your everyday life and maximize the space accordingly.

Multi-functional and wall-mounted furniture are your best friends in a 1BHK house plan

When you are short on floor space, multi-functional furniture really comes in handy so that you don’t have to add more pieces to the room. Wall-mounted furniture can also be a big boon in a 1BHK home interior design. While there are enough readymade options you can buy, take your time to research different design ideas or consult design experts who can come up with unique and innovative solutions tailormade for your 1BHK home design.

Try to optimize and maximize functionality and/or storage with any piece of furniture you add to the room. There are a multitude of options to consider here. A few examples include modular sofas, 

Wall mounted furniture to save more space in your 1 bhk interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD Architects

a sofa-cum-bed, a bed with built-in storage, folding tables, storage units that double as room separators, tall floor lamps with shelves, murphy beds, centre tables with stools that slide underneath for extra seating, bathroom mirrors with built-in storage, nesting tables, expandable tables and a bookshelf with a built-in folding table that works as a desk.

Multipurpose storage unit designs perfect for your 1 bhk house plan - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Mind Manifestation Design

Utilize your walls and enhance the vertical elements in a 1BHK flat design

Tall storage units, entertainment units and bookshelves are a great way to adequately use your vertical spaces or walls in your 1BHK house design. Another option is to take your wardrobes as well as kitchen and bathroom cabinetry all the way to the ceiling. Avoid dark colours for floor-to-ceiling storage, instead use lighter shades or glossy finishes that reflect light. To maximize the light that enters the room, try placing larger mirrors strategically. Full-length mirrors on wardrobe shutters also work to add depth and visually enhance the space. Bring out the vertical design elements in a room i.e., draw the eye up to make the ceilings appear higher. For instance, an accent wall with wall vertical wall panels or a tall headboard with vertical tufting.


●    Adding too many colours, prints and/or patterns to one area or room can be too visually overwhelming for a 1BHK house design. Try the
      70-20-10 rule instead – 70 per cent the neutral base colour, 20 per cent the contrasting colour and 10 per cent the accent colour/prints.

●    Gallery walls are a favourite when it comes to wall décor but a
      multitude of small items on a wall can make a 1 BHK interior
      appear cluttered. Instead try one or two large artworks or wall
      installations that sweep across the length of the wall. The
      same design rule applies for area rugs as well. Choose one
      large rug that fills most of the space like the seating area.

●    While trying to avoid too much or harsh lighting, make sure
       you have a well-lit space. Layer ambient, task and accent
       lighting at different heights. Bring in as much natural light as
       possible. If you can, install tall sliding windows in place of
       short ones and try not to place furniture next to the window
       that blocks the view and light.

●    Don’t push all your seating or free-standing furniture against
      walls to make space in the centre. Counter to popular belief,
      leaving a little gap between the seating and walls can actually
      make the living room look bigger.

●    Avoid using short curtains even for windows. Place your
      curtain rods or other hardware as close to the ceiling as
      possible and use drapes that reach the floor. This gives the
      appearance of higher ceilings in your 1 BHK interior design.

Sitting design to gives that comfort & style to your 1 bhk house plan  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Mind Manifestation Design

●    Using hinge or swing doors on furniture in a small space or 1BHK house plan can create the feeling of being cramped up, especially for
      movement around the furniture when the doors are open. Consider sliding doors instead.

●    Buying readymade furniture might be easier but a 1 BHK flat interior design requires the best use of space. Consult experts for custom
      designed pieces, especially for innovative storage solutions, that maximize the use of space in a functional and aesthetic way.

●    Avoid filling rooms with excessive free-standing furniture instead go in for custom built-in storage where possible.

Kitchen design to beautify your 1 bhk interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Michaela Komi/ shutterstock.com

●    Kitchens in a 1BHK house design tend to be small. Not paying
      enough attention to the kitchen layout and storage is a big
      mistake we make. Modular kitchens can be custom designed to
      suit your layout, making the best use of the space.

●    Don’t miss out on utilizing wall niches and corners in
       small bathrooms to add sufficient storage.

We’ve listed out a few of the most effective ways to get the most out of your 1 BHK home interior design and while many are easy enough to undertake on your own, it is always a good idea to get design expertise on board. Try the Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints for the latest in designing the best designs in any room for your 1BHK house plan. You will get the benefit of a panel of expert designers along with a dedicated project manager to work out each step of the way for a fuss-free solution. You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online shop or retails stores for furniture, lighting and décor.

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