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Indoor & Outdoor décor ideas to create a romantic alfresco setting

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Aside from candles and wine, here a few ways you can ace the romantic alfresco setting

Winter nights are probably the best times to plan a date for two. The weather is pleasantly cool, which means that the setting can be easily shifted from the indoors to the outside for a meal under the stars. Before you go clinking your glasses to a happily ever after, there are several things that need to be prepped. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning a romantic alfresco setting:

1.    Keep it simple
The fairytale dinner doesn’t have to necessarily be elaborate. Keep the furniture pared down to the essentials – a small or medium sized table, two chairs and maybe a bar trolley. This ensures that the setting is decluttered and free from distractions. As an alternative, you can suspend a wooden plank from ropes to have a swing like table. If you don’t want to use table runners, place mats will do the trick.

2.    Light it up
As you are going to be eating outside, make sure there is enough light to see what is going on. Fairy lights bundled in champagne glasses, candelabras and even tea lights can come in handy here. You can opt for battery operated candles too, to avoid setting any accidental fires. Place a light source in the center of the table. If you’re planning a date on the beach, plant glass tumblers in the sand and light candles inside them for low, glimmering lights.

3.    Mind the food
Make provision to keep the food warm and bubbly cold. Keep in mind all the necessary serveware, crockery and cutlery as these may not be available readily at hand. Ideally, keep the food bite sized and easy to eat. To set the mood, take the aid of Bluetooth speakers to play soft music.

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