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Christmas decoration trends for 2021

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With the holiday season in full swing, it’s hard to not get carried away with buying every christmas decoration item that you come across online as well as offline. And while that’s alright as an exception in the month of celebrations and new beginnings, it is crucial to be mindful about it too.

The key to shop just right for christmas house decor is by creating a vision board that is in line with your personal design style. Be it all about the lights and glitter this season or just a warm colour palette of reds and greens, once you have your design vision mapped out, it becomes easier to find what you’re looking for rather than just buying what you can find.

The best part about this time of the year is that it’s not about just one day but an entire season that is celebrated in various ways. While Christmas calls for cosy family dinners, the rest of the month can be enjoyed by hosting movie nights, Sunday brunches and so much more.

Let’s take a look at some of the christmas decorating ideas you can keep in mind while choosing decoration items for christmas;



With a collection of decorations for christmas that warm your heart while the fireplace warms your home, you can go for metallic photo frames, wooden slabs with a quote written on it and even candle stands to match the christmas spirit. Using artificial pine leaves and plants to add some life to the indoors is always a good call.

Fireplace christmas decoration with greens & metallic décor items - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Camylla battani/ unsplash

Christmas home décor items with warm green colour palette - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Furniture land


Christmas decorations at home need not just be about the seasonal pieces you bring in to your spaces. By redecorating your home using the warm colours of christmas, you can instantly and sustainably enhance your interior décor. While the tree brings in the christmas vibe into this home, a mix of velvet cushions and lamp in shades of green add to the theme without crowding the space.


You need not necessarily bring in a live or artificial christmas tree when there are many creative christmas home décor ideas to even create one! Be it using painted cardboards, glass bottles or spray painted branches, if you’re feeling adventurous, create your own christmas tree. Plus, it is a great way to bond with your loved ones while crafting it together.

Creative christmas tree craft for decoration - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ochre at Home

Simple christmas decoration at home with pinecones & candles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Olena sergienko/ unsplash


If you’re not a fan of bright colours and glitters, going for little natural elements might just be what you’re looking for. From pine cones to candle stands, branches and other elements that make your home feel festive, you need not just try to bring in the red and green hues if that’s not your design aesthetic.


Ditch the traditional white candle sticks and go for creative ones that come in different colours and shapes to enhance your christmas home decor. You can even paint and mould candles by yourself at home to add a personal touch to your decorations for christmas.

Painted & moulded candles for christmas decoration at home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sanjyt Syngh

Customised neon sign light & lighting décor for christmas in 2021 - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shahi Furniture


Fairy lights have always been our go-to festive decor item for most of our festivals. While they come in various sizes and designs, you can go a step further this christmas and get a customised neon sign light which not only brightens up your space during christmas but throughout the year for wherever you feel celebratory.


Table spread decor is one of the most convenient and creative ways to add a spark to your festive decor. The fun part is how you can pick and choose every element that works best for your theme and customise its look and feel.

Christmas table spread décor with candles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tessera India

While the market is flooded with products that you can buy to decorate your home this christmas, here are some budget friendly and sustainable ways to do so;
●      Using spray paint or glitter powder to colour your simple and affordable white candles, pine cones and other little decorations is a great
        christmas decorating idea.
●      Instead of buying fake christmas trees every year, buy a real one, even if it’s small. This will not just stop you from buying one every year but
        will also make decorating your christmas tree each year more meaningful.
●      Use little decorations for christmas like ribbons to decorate your crockery and tableware.

If you’re looking for experts to help you redecorate your home this christmas, Beautiful Homes Services might just be the right ones to call.

Which Christmas decoration trend is your go-to?


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