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Building secret rooms in your house: ideas & inspiration

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You can design every part of your house as meticulously as you like and you’ll still have to keep in mind how guest friendly and or kid friendly it is. Not so when it comes to your secret room. Your escape, a special hidden room that’s only accessible to you and the chosen few. Why did you not think of that before? Because it’s not very often spoken of!

Let us share some of the best ideas of building and keeping your secret room a secret;

A metallic frame that covers the wall behind the couch, looking like a structural masterpiece that elevates the luxe sense of style of the living room could easily be the door to your little secret room. After all, no one would really think of moving the couch all the way aside to try and push it unless they know it’s a door for sure. Would they?

Structural masterpiece behind the couch can be a secret room in your living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

A secret room can be build behind your home bar design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creations

The section where all your guests would enjoy a good time but never notice a trace of that secret room which one of the racks could lead to. After all the best place to hide something is in plain sight.

Instead, it may look like a wall but can be a layer that just slides to the top to reveal a cozy secret room. To make it look more difficult to access, place some chairs and antiques against the wall, leaving no scope for doubt or experimentation. 

Hidden room behind textured walls is perfect for your room interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Use a bookshelf as classic secret room door in your room interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Undrey/ shutterstock

Often seen in Hollywood spy movies, bookshelves that open like a door are a great place to create your secret room behind. The more crowded the racks are, the less likely it is for anyone to suspect it of a secret room. Add some plants and pots to keep things interesting.

A modern design with a mysterious touch, concealed walls are great to cover up secret doors. Be it with concrete materials or suede finish, you can pick and choose from an array of pattern options that not only help keep your secret a secret but also adds texture to the design of the space on a whole.

Make concealed wall panels as a door to your hidden room for the perfect room interiors  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sources Unlimited

Hidden room can be built behind the racks & shelves of any room interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

One push on a random shelf block and the door unlocks just like in sky movies. Too much? Not at all. It is very much possible and in any design you can think of. Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints is your one stop solution to turn your design dreams into reality.

Ways of using a secret room

For undisturbed late nights or secluded days, your secret room can be the escape you need to complete the book you’re writing or the collection you’re designing.

If you enjoy cinema without company, a private home theatre in your secret room might quite easily become the space you can visit to unwind and inspire yourself without any distractions.

Be it to stash the extra shopping bags or keep your most valued possessions, it’s a great idea to keep your cherished belongings a secret.

What would you use your secret room for?

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