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Spruce up your outdoor area in no time with these useful balcony renovation tips

Renovating the balcony is an even greater challenge than overhauling any other room in your house. If not done well, your favourite spot in the house could quickly become the least visited. So, we’ve put together a few home interior design ideas that will help you create the balcony of your dreams:

1.    Green wall
Living in an urban jungle can lead to a serious disconnect with nature. Make the most of the little outdoor space and create a green wall on one side. You can go for an artificial or living green wall with actual plants. This also helps to regulate temperatures and keep the surrounding areas cooler.

2.    Wooden screen
This is the easiest way to block prying eyes when all you’re trying to do is enjoy some time off. A light wooden screen sitting on top of your railing will come in handy. This jali will allow air circulation while keeping pests and curious neighbours at bay.

3.    Terrazzo flooring
While wooden planks, IPS flooring and plain tiles are conventional choices, terrazzo is a great alternative. Consider this – its longer wearing, easy to install and can also be customised to reflect colours of your choice. Need we say more?

4.    Wireframe furniture
If you’re working with a tight space and you don’t want to crowd it with furniture, wireframe pieces are your best bet. These do not require extensive care, occupy less space and can be easily shifted.


5.    Railings
Another important aspect to consider when renovating your balcony is safety. Your railing needs to be tough and proportionally high to prevent any accidents or mishaps. Glass barricades provide an uninterrupted view while wrought iron ones can be turned around to become a design element in the space.

6.    Water feature
There are several water fountains available in the market these days – some musical while others have several lights. We’re not saying invest in an elaborate one but house a small to medium sized one in a corner, depending on the size of your balcony, to elevate your décor. Alternately, you can opt for a bird bath as well.

7.    Hanging planters
Make the most of every inch of your balcony, including walls and railings. If you’re one with a green thumb and want to grow as many plants as possible, flower baskets are your best friend. You can suspend these from the wall and the railing as well.

8.    Lights
You aren’t going to use the balcony only during the day time, so think about what kind of lighting you want in this space. If you want a warm glow, hurricanes, paper lanterns, fairy lights, etc, will do the trick. But if you want proper lighting, opt for LED discs or even wall sconces.


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