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Balcony garden ideas - Your virtual vacation spot

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “balcony gardens”? Is it a certain setting, an aesthetic, a décor style, or even a dreamy view? There are many variants, but what mostly fills up our imagination is a feeling – serenity.

Whether your reason to try your hands at balcony garden interior design is to create the perfect reading spot for every season or a cosy get-together space to entertain your guests as an alternative to crowded pubs, the goal is always the same: creating a calming escape.

In today’s world where the real estate market is forever booming at an almost unrealistic rate, a balcony, even a slender one, is a luxury. And if you do happen to have access to one, you now have a chance to make the most of this blessing.

We have curated a shortlist of balcony garden inspirations and tips to help you make your balcony garden vision reality. Let’s get started!

Be it for a morning stroll, a sunset soiree or a social night, this balcony garden design is perfect for a terrace, that will quickly and undoubtedly become the most used space in the house. While the granite overalls keep it raw and chill, colourful cushions, candle holders and bamboo tables add a homely vibe to it. The wooden canopy adds a bohemian structure to this modern balcony garden while also help support creepers.

The best thing about this balcony garden is how geometrically placed are all the different plants, along with a spread of grass in the open. An important insight to bring out the best of modern design and wilderness.

Balcony garden interior design ideas for who loves to be outside - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

Balcony Garden Interior Design Ideas For Breakfast Lovers - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, IKEA

If you want your balcony garden design to turn you outdoor space into your favourite breakfast spot, this is the one to take cues from. Keeping your seating area neat while also surrounding yourself with plants is the first step to polish up an outdoor eating area. The patterned carpet and blue seat cushions add comfort to this otherwise minimal metallic setting. Our favourite part, impossible to miss out on, is the modern fairy lights places under the umbrella, adding a touch of dreaminess as well as practicality for a meal after dusk.

Keep in mind the main purpose of this spot: include a sight-screen in your balcony garden design as the white backdrop in this picture, to ensure yourself and your family some privacy. If you’re not so much of a fan of neutrals and other plain colours, add some crockery or a vase on the table for the final touch.

A balcony garden design with wood as its main accent is the perfect solution for a rustic and rather antique vibe, that instantly enhances the comfort level of any outdoor space. What we love most about this balcony garden design is how the floor tiles and wall hangings add a touch of ethnicity, amplifying the homely feeling.

Adding a pop of colour through the pink cushion and neon green pot makes this traditional balcony garden fun and warm space: the perfect balcony for a chirpy family.

Balcony Garden Design Ideas For The Ethnic Art Lover - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

Balcony Garden Interior Design Ideas For A Holiday Getaway Right At Home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM Architecture

This balcony garden is designed with a “holiday retreat” in mind. It is spacious enough to host a cocktail night, the couch offers ample room to comfortable seat all your friends, and the additional dining section makes the space versatile and easy to use. The wooden flooring suggests a homely vibe and the widespread of potted and hanging plants brings the whole design to life. Not to forget, the lighting plays an important role in creating a soothing ambiance, especially the fireflies lamps – following the garden theme.

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A deck to relax and feel like you are on vacation every day is exactly what this balcony garden design is for. The simple play of black, white and grey keeps it minimal while chequered rugs add texture. Needless to say, the creepers and potted plants bring life to this balcony garden and the pastel crockery enhances it. Be it at breakfast, while reading your daily newspaper still in your bathrobe and having a bowl of fruits, or at night while listening to your favourite playlist and catching up with your loved ones, this spacious balcony garden is a slice of holiday getaway right at home.

If monochrome is not your favourite palette, picking chairs or a carpet in vibrant hues can definitely amp up the fun in this space.

Balcony Garden Ideas For The Virtual Vacationers - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, IKEA

Balcony Garden Ideas For Those Who Like It Cosy & Chic - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, IKEA

Cosy and chic, this small balcony garden design shows us just how innovative you can get, even with limited space. The half round table is a smart use of space, as it leaves the area free of clutter to add more chairs during small gatherings. The walls, floor, and racks are all in hues of grey or white, keeping it well balanced – an important factor when it designing for outdoor spaces with lots of natural light.

In a small area like this one, it is necessary to let the plants bring in the vibrancy for a wholesome garden feel. While the paper lanterns go hand in hand with the easy style of this space, the cushions and candlestands add the chic factor we all love.

If you want your balcony garden to feel like a jungle, this balcony garden design is perfect to take cues from. Almost like a personal jungle café, if you may. The most important element in such a space is a structure that contributes to shadow play. Since jungle is never too sunny like a desert, nor too cloudy like a foothill, the bamboos painted in white as a roof and wall successfully help balance it out to project an authentic forest vibe.

To compliment the atmosphere, it’s only fair to go for bohemian décor, using shades of wood and white. And to complete this jungle abode: add lots of tall plants!

After all, life is all about appreciating the magic of nature. Be it a starry night or a peaceful sunrise, designing your balcony garden as per your unique love for nature is truly a gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones.

Balcony Garden Ideas For A Jungle Abode - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sonnie Hiles/ Unsplash

Image courtesy, IKEA

For someone truly fond of gardening, the perfect balcony garden design might entail lots of empty space to fill up with the sweetness of nurturing plant-based life. While this balcony garden is beautiful chaos with various kinds of plants, flowers, and creepers, the set of black rocking chairs and table add a strong contrast to the green.

An important cohesive element is represented by the stripes on the cushion, chairs, and wooden structure for the creepers. Notice how the only colours are given by the plants while the rest of the furniture is in black and white (and silver).

Pro tip: While plants rule any balcony garden design, a strong supporting feature is given by their holders – play with hanging, floor or rack pots to make your balcony more enticing.

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