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An artist’s vision for a small perfectly designed flat

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"Illustrated Interiors" is my way of depicting the design of living spaces, furnished completely by Indian brands of interior and furniture companies. These hand painted living spaces can be easily put together via the Indian brands featured in each layout. I found myself in a perfect place to bring back this lost style of art and design to showcase how these looks for your home can be accomplished via local brands. The goal of this series is to allow the average consumer to design their own living spaces utilising only products that are easy to find and buy. The decision to hand render these rather than use 3D digital renders is to show interior design in a more exclusive and personal light.

A layout of the space showing the transition between each space in the home.


These plans are for a standard 1000 sq. ft. 1BHK home. The transition between each space in the home is emphasised with colour. There is also clear demarcation of the spaces via floor rugs. Not only are all the products featured here from Indian brands, but there are also a few Indian antique elements in the space. There is a traditional Jaipur Araish plastering installed in the bedroom, the painted Nandi bull in the dining area and indigo prints as art. The series is a celebration of the contemporary urban Indian home.

A space where one now probably takes off their masks, gloves and sanitises themselves, allowing for a quick freshening up before entering the home. The unit here was chosen as it has plenty of storage space to stow away cleaning supplies.


The high skirting and rattan work on the single seaters, even the magazine rack represents the traditional Indian identity of the space but the most classical element about this space is the composition of the side tables on either side of the blush three-seater. The walls are accented with textured paint in the reading corner and a complementing Nilaya wallpaper on the opposite side; both are in earthy tones that remind of brick, rust and mud. The living room is a space to take time off, as a family or even by yourself at the reading corner. 

The elements in the living room represent the traditional Indian identity of the space.

The dining area is designed for intimate gatherings and is much like the seating at an informal cafe or lounge.


The dining area turns into a more intimate space in comparison. With playful colours in the artworks, a cozy two-seater placed against a corner and mood lighting that creates patterns and shadows on the table, the space is much like the seating at an informal cafe or lounge. And in these times when gatherings outside aren’t possible, this unique setting allows for small groups of people to gather together and circulate between the living and dining areas. 

We now transition from intimate to private. The bedroom is a space one knows to knock before entering. In this layout, it is also the best place to step away from the domestic noises of a smaller home and, for if it’s a double-duty space for work from home responsibilities, then this is the perfect milieu for work calls as well. The walls are slightly warmer because of the Araish plastering, the blinds are black but allow one to peek outside for a view of the balcony. The four-poster bed stands proud with botanical elements on the plush bedding and indigo art hanging right above. The sleek study desk is placed diagonally to keep with the organic style of the space. The wall lights are made of banana fibre, and the floor lamp plays into the accented wall treatment. I have placed display cabinets on either side of the wardrobe so that you will always catch a view of the display shelf along with the wardrobe 

Balancing both work and rest, the bedroom is styled with a four-poster bed and a sleek study desk placed diagonally to keep with the organic style of the space.

from anywhere in the room. It is a perfect backdrop for Zoom and Team calls, when what’s behind you in a room speaks volumes about the person on the screen.


Our guest stylist, Krishnamithra Rajan is a Visual artist, Space designer and an Interior designer. Check out her interview with us here, where she shares about how she combines two of her best skills into her series, ‘Illustrated Interiors’, her process and future plans


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