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7 new trending wall paint colors that we’ll see in 2022 and how to use them

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Introduction to Wall Painting for your house

The right interior paint colors for the walls of your home helps one room flow seamlessly into the next. The house painting colours should match the vibe of the room and breathe life into your space. There are two types of interior paint colors: warm and cool tones. Warm tones include red, orange and yellow and they can make a room feel vibrant and energized. Cool tones, like blue, green and purple are calmer and create quiet and relaxing spaces.

Factors to consider when choosing interior paint colors for your walls.

Purpose of the room

In a space that is used to work, warmer more exhilarating colours might help set the mood for productivity and cool tones may be more suitable for spaces that are used to relax in.

The room décor

The colours that you pick should enhance the décor that you have chosen. Bold colours look good with contemporary décor and deep, warm colours may suit traditional spaces.

Size and shape of the room

Smaller rooms will look larger with lighter house painting colours, while bigger rooms look cosier with darker tones.

Painting a house is an expensive affair. And, if you make a mistake with the house painting colours, it will cost you to correct it. But when you choose the right wall colour, the result will be an inviting and beautiful space.

7 Cool wall color trends for 2022

The stress and unease of the past two years has affected the wall color trends for 2022. After two lacklustre years, it seems that this year is all about new beginnings with a preference for deep and vibrant colour tones with an undertone that is soothing and familiar. 

Here we take a look at the latest wall color trends for 2022 and how you can use it effectively to completely transform your rooms.

1.    Room colour that brings new hope – Calming blues

Blue is one of the trending wall colours of the year. It is a soothing colour that can instantly transform a room to the ambiance that you want. In fact, one of the top wall colour trends 2022 is Very Peri, a blue shade with a violet-red undertone. Very Peri was chosen as the top wall colour trends 2022 as it reflects perfectly the sentiment of the world, displaying a carefree spirit and confidence that is animating and intriguing and gives us hope for the future.

How to use this interior paint for walls

A lighter shade of blue can be used for a calm, relaxing ocean 

Blue colour shades for your home - Beautiful Homes

inspired bedroom. A navy blue can be paired with white for a crisp and simple dining room, or it can make a dramatic statement in a living room with a warmer undertone. Pastel tones for the living room respond beautifully to sunlit rooms and darker hues look gorgeous in low lighting and candlelight.

Soothing shades of green for your home - Beautiful Homes

2.    Wall paint colours to calm the soul - Soothing greens

Green is a wonderful colour that helps bring in an element of nature into any kind of décor and is one of the top trending wall paint colors of the year. It is restful and calming, yet strong and purposeful, exactly what we need as we come out of the shadow of the last couple of years.

How to use this home interior colour 

Whether you go for a sage green for the living room walls, a bottle green for the kitchen, or a matte pastel green for a bedroom colour, you can be sure that the hues will provide a positive, rejuvenating, and fresh aura to your home. It can be used in 

combination with other colours for a beautiful effect. Pair it with cream coloured upholstery, yellow edging or off-white décor elements to create an aura of utmost elegance.

3.    Room colour that brings happiness and energy - Radiant yellows

Yellow is the colour of happiness and positivity and is perfect for rooms that are used for a lot of activity and socializing where it adds energy and vitality. Yellow is also one of the trending room colors and it can be combined with soft greens and creams for a more subtle colour scheme.

How to use this interior paint for walls

Yellow is the perfect colour for a backdrop as it allows artwork to pop brilliantly. Earth shades of yellow create a golden hue in rooms and can be paired with indoor plants to gorgeous effect. 

Radiant yellow colour shades for your home - Beautiful Homes

Yellow also complements metal elements and light accessories stylishly. A couple of rustic sconces on a yellow wall will add a graceful element to a foyer.

4.    Wall paint colours with irresistible charm - Vibrant oranges

Optimistic and energizing and one of the trending wall colours, oranges are a good choice as they are uplifting and resolute during the day but can create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere in the twilight, making your room the perfect space to work in during the day and unwind in the evening.

How to use this wall colour

An orange foyer is a warm welcoming space that envelops you when you walk into your home. An orange kitchen with wooden cabinetry is an elegant combination. Orange is the perfect background to display antique furniture and ornate wooden frames with paintings or mirrors.

5.    Room colour that makes a bold statement - Warm reds

If this year is about striding forward with bold steps, you cannot go wrong with a warm red. Red gives off an air of glamour and sophistication when used correctly.  This warm colour encourages positive feelings of confidence, energy, and excitement.

How to use this wall colour

Warm, matte reds will make any room look snug. These constantly trending room colors are great for corridor walls, kitchen and small, cosy rooms. It can be a calming and quiet colour in smaller rooms but also works as the ideal backdrop for rich furnishings, decorative antiques, detailed rugs and ornate furniture.

Serene brown shades for soft & welcoming home - Beautiful Homes

6.    Wall paint colours that are soft and welcoming - Serene browns

Neutral browns, like beige, are gaining momentum as trending wall colours in 2022. One of the popular shades of brown is a velvety taupe that is a striking colour for a room. It is a versatile shade that looks neat and tailored during the day and becomes soft and welcoming at dusk.

How to use this wall colour

Opting for a neutral shade like brown on the walls and ceiling lets you get playful with your upholstery and window treatments and you can add splashes of colour throughout the room and know 

that it won't be overwhelming. Throw in details like contrasting cushions, bold artwork, metal lighting fixtures and it will take the home décor of the room to another level. 

7.    Use neutral creams and greys as wall colour for interesting wall colour combination

If you are thinking of using a colour combination for your walls, try neutral colours like creams and greys. They allow other colours to shine through and offer a perfect complement for accent walls. They allow for any kind of furniture and interior design. One of the biggest advantages of neutral colours is that it is hard to go wrong.

How to use this wall colour combination

Soft creams and soothing beiges can look expensive and classic in traditional décors as well as help make a minimalistic interior look sleek and sophisticated. If you feel that neutral colours are a tad boring, remember that you can use colour pillows, rich upholstery, bold black and white patterns, exquisite lighting accessories and beautiful furniture pieces to keep any monotony at bay.

How can Beautiful Homes help you with the trendiest wall paint colours?

At Beautiful Homes, we want your interior design to reflect who you are and inspire you to live your best life. With every house interior design, we strive to achieve mentally pleasing, functional and comfortable spaces. Whether it is a home remodel, wall painting or selecting an accessory, we endeavour to give you a clear understanding of the final outcome with accurate renderings, offer access to a wide range of resources at competitive prices and help you avoid industry surprises with proper, consistent communication.

Pink colour for your children's bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

When it comes to painting your interior, there are a wide variety of gorgeous paint colours and designer finishes available and it can get confusing. We use our expertise and software to help you visualize the final look and help you create a home with walls that are stylish, make a statement and will endure for years to come.

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