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7 amazing wooden ceiling design inspiration for your house

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Quite often the ceiling is referred to as the fifth wall yet we tend to shy away from using this design canvas to elevate our interiors just as we would our walls. Feature and accent walls are such familiar design ideas to us; we do not think twice about working these into our homes. The idea that a design heavy or dark ceiling will make the room look smaller is an antiquated one.

Sure, false ceilings are not a new notion to Indian homes and usually incorporate structures made from POP. However, wood panels and wooden ceilings are now featuring more in modern false ceiling designs. If done well, wood ceiling designs for the home can be just the thing you are looking for. Take a look at our picks for wooden ceilings that might just inspire your next remodel.

Keep it simple
If you are looking for subtle ceiling designs for the home or the idea of an entire wood ceiling seems overwhelming to you, an easy way to add that warm charm to your spaces is by adding wood rafters to your plain ceiling. This goes especially well in smaller homes or apartments that do not have the luxury of high ceilings. Wood rafters or beams on the ceiling can pair well with a myriad of décor styles, lending depth to most designs. You can place the beams parallel to each other, perpendicular or even forming a grid pattern. Wood rafters are also excellent locations for cove or recessed lights as well as being a great way to conceal wiring.

Tip: Wood rafters against a neutral background work well in 

This room has a simple wooden beam ceiling design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, bezikus / shutterstock

smaller spaces or rooms without high ceilings. We recommend planning the layout and pattern keeping in mind where you want to place the ambient lights and ceiling fan(s). 

This corridor has a wooden ceiling with visual demarcation with the rest of the home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM

Visual demarcation
This home designed by 42MM showcases a beautiful example of a modern false ceiling design. Here, the wood ceiling works to visually demarcate the corridor without creating an overwhelming contrast to the rest of the home. You could also cover up lofts or storage spaces in your corridors with a wood false ceiling.

Tip: False wood ceilings are a great way to tone down the look of your air conditioner vents. These can be cleverly hidden or merged with the wood ceiling for a seamless look.

Accent piece
An excellent false ceiling design for rooms is to use wood panels to accentuate a certain area. It’s another understated way to use wood on your ceilings if you are not sold on using wood on the entire expanse. In this image, the open plan layout sees the kitchen, dining area and living room flow from one area to the other. One wood false ceiling section has been placed above the dining and kitchen areas and one above the living room. The recessed wood ceilings not only work as accent pieces but also to create a subtle visual demarcation of the various zones in the open plan layout.

Tip: If you have or want wood flooring, look at matching the wood 

Sections are created for living & dining room with wood panels for ceiling design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Breadmaker / shutterstock

panel or false ceiling with the floorboards for a more cohesive look.

Slatted wood ceiling design with light wood paired with home décor items - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Slatted beauty
If you’re looking at slatted ceiling designs for the home, let this beautiful space designed by FADD studio be your inspiration. Choosing the right wood finish is key; darker wood finishes go very well with more traditional or Colonial-style settings. Light wood is more versatile and pairs with a lot of décor styles – especially modern or minimal settings – like contemporary, bohemian-chic, rustic, farmhouse and even mid-century modern or industrial-chic.

Tip: The direction of the slats can play a huge role. By placing the slats parallel to the longer side or length of the room, it elongates the visual. Here, the direction of the slats pulls the eye to the exterior views.

Hailing the Herringbone
Why should your floors have all the fun? Take a cue from this private den designed by A Square Designs where the partial wooden ceiling features a herringbone pattern. This adds an interesting layer and visual texture to the setting. You could also consider patterns like single or a double basket weave, a chevron design or even a brick layout to enhance the wood ceiling design for the room.

Tip: Whether it’s solid wood or wood veneered MDF panels, make sure they are properly treated before installation to make them fungus and termite resistant. 

The ceiling design for this home has a herringbone pattern - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

The ceiling design for this home has dramatic carvings - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

Make a statement
Beyond Designs is known for their opulent, richly-layered and maximalist interiors and this design delivers on all fronts. If you are on the hunt for theatrical ceiling designs for homes, take inspiration from their magical creations which quite often feature these incredible statement ceilings replete with carvings and/or moldings that add so much drama to a room.

Tip: Always ensure there are no leakages in the ceiling and proper waterproofing is carried out prior to installing the wood false ceiling. 

Rustic delight (instead of Colour Therapy)
The stunning dining room showcase how to bring out the natural beauty of wood on the ceilings. Take a cue from this design and choose a light finish wood that features the natural grain and knots. Paired with light wood furniture, white walls, a multitude of greenery and a subtle terrazzo flooring, this space exudes warmth with a hint of country-chic charm. Remember that a clear wax polish coating will accentuate the natural grain and knots in the wood.

Tip: Wood can change colour over time especially in areas where it is constantly exposed to sunlight. Clear protective coatings and sealants can minimise and sometimes even prevent this process.

Light finish wood for ceiling design with light wood furniture for rustic effect in this dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, pics721 / shutterstock

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