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Vibrant room colour ideas for a brighter monsoon season

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Dull monsoon weather getting you down? Lift your spirits with a healthy dose of colour in your home. Interior designer Minnie Bhatt tells us how

With the grey clouds claiming the sky, a palpable sense of sluggishness descends upon us. But just because our external world drains into an uninspiring selection of dull hues, doesn’t mean that our living spaces have to as well. There’s always a simple way to make your home seem bright and cheerful—no matter what the weather outside. With these simple room colour ideas up your sleeve, you can transform your home into a bright, vibrant, monsoon refuge with little effort!

Soft furnishings and linen are an easy way of introducing some colour in the house. For the bedroom too, you can pick sheets and duvets in bright, vibrant tones to offset the grey monsoon pall.

Your walls are your biggest canvases, so make good use of them. There are several ways to add colour to them. The easiest way to give them a delightful, vibrant makeover is by using wallpaper. Consider a bright wallpaper design with bold floral patterns, or perhaps opt for stripes or even geometrical prints. Failing that, a good lick of paint is a great way to add a splash of colour to your home and to liven up your living spaces.

However, if you don’t want to fully commit to the new room colour, it’s a good idea to get your hands on some wall stickers. This way, you can both brighten your room during the monsoon season and then take them off once the sun returns to our skies!

Soft furnishings are an additional means of adding colour to your spaces. Vibrant upholstery on sofas, armchairs and even vivid drapes can go a long way to transform a living room into a bright haven. For the bedroom, you can always opt for brighter duvets, quilts and pillows for that touch of colour. For more room colour ideas, take a good look at the most prominent furnishings in each of your living spaces and consider how giving them a more vivid hue might transform the feel of your home.

Pay close attention to your accessories. As they say, the devil is in the details! For a bit of bling and dazzle, pick accents with metallic trimmings. Ideally, gold, copper and brass are the colours to focus on when choosing such accessories. However, if you want to showcase your quirkier side, consider picking table toppers in colours such as purple, yellow and green. As far as great room colour ideas go, effective accessorising is an often overlooked but essential feature of any warm, welcoming home.

In addition to our room colour ideas, you can take a cue from Mumbai-based interior designer Minnie Bhatt, who offers the following tips for keeping your home looking bright:

1.    On cloudy overcast days correct lighting is vital to lift the

Bring some life into the interiors with shiny, metallic accessories. And no, these don’t just have to be showpieces—invest in brass planters that double up as centerpieces for your dinner as well as centre tables.

       mood. While table lamps and other task lights like floor lamps and wall fixtures lend a nice warmth to the space. A day light or white tube light
       within a pelmet in the ceiling or wall will add brightness to the room.

2.    Bright cushions on couches and beds can brighten up any room. Vibrant shades of turquoise, yellow and burnt orange lend a nice splash of

3.    A cluster of indoor plants in a corner of the room lend cheer, especially in the monsoons. These can be tall fortune bamboos, spider plants or
       Areca palms as all are easy to maintain.

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