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Set your card party table for diwali


Help is at hand with our super easy tips on how to set up that perfect table

With Diwali around the corner, most of us are busy hosting Diwali card parties and dinners for family and friends. How to set that card party table, what food to serve; these are questions that most of us feel overwhelmed by. Take inspiration from this elegantly styled Indian themed card party table styled by Ambika Seth and Alice Mirabel Helme, founders of Delhi based food and catering company CAARA. 

“This table setting was ornate, colorful, festive- but not over the top. It is understated for an intimate supper, where family and friends can come together and celebrate,” they explain. 

They used a mix of lilies, tuberoses and wild flowers for the table setting. The crockery used is from India, that has been custom made for CAARA. Take inspiration for your Diwali card party from this table setting. 

Shopping guide:
Crockery: Custom made for CAARACutlery: FnS and Reed and BartonNapkin Rings: Antique pieces sourced from Laos; Neon Green Mats: Sourced from Laos; Blue Glasses: Made by recycled glass from Burma; Table Cloth: Pink Table cloth used as saree- stylist’s own; Linen napkins: Sourced locally; Ikat Napkins: Williams Sonoma.


Written By:

Ambika Seth

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