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Monsoon checklist for the home

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Tackle moisture-damage like a pro with our easy checklist to help prevent water damage to your home

It’s officially monsoon season, which means it’s time to waterproof everything. We’ve put together a handy checklist to tackle the excess amount of moisture. Read on to know what you can do to keep your home looking beautiful during the season:

1.    Anti-rust coats
Protect your beautiful wrought iron grills from catching rust with a generous coat of anti-rust or anti-corrosion treatment. Available as sprays or liquids, these can be applied over your existing paint as they are generally colourless. Extend the same courtesy to the wire-mesh windows in all your rooms.

2.    Waterproof paints
A rule of thumb to keep in mind is to always, always use paint that will weather through any storm or season. So, invest in waterproof paints, especially for the exteriors. Treat the bare wall with a good waterproofing agent as well. To prevent dampness from ruining your interiors look at options such as Asian Paints Damp Sheath Interior which prevents water seepage.

3.    Insulate electric connections
Overall damp weather can mean moisture getting into places you absolutely want to avoid – such as electric switches and circuitry. Make sure there are no loose wires lying around. Even wires wound in simple electric tape will go a long way in preventing rude shocks.

4.    Drainage
Clogged drains and sinks are a no-no in any season, let alone the monsoons. Use a drain cleaning solution to ensure your pipes aren’t blocked out, be it in the kitchen sink or the bathroom basin.

5.    Leakages
Leaky pipes and ceilings are a cause of concern. These need to be dealt with as soon as possible, to prevent it from ballooning into a bigger problem. If need be, replace old metal pipes with new PVC ones.

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6.    Warding off insects
Monsoons tend to bring out the creepy crawlies. While it is always good to have the bug spray at hand, there are ways you can prevent them from coming in too. Make sure there are no stagnant water bodies near your house, which means draining your plants regularly. Keep your insect nets in place and look at plants such as tulsi, eucalyptus and fennel that ward off insects.

7.    Securing/covering outdoor areas
For the terrace or balcony, it is essential to build an overhead covering or canvas canopy to protect it from the elements. Often, these outdoor areas can cause trouble due to unwanted water seepage in the balcony or flat below. So, it is essential to waterproof this area too and fill any cracks in or between tiles. Products such as Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Proof can come in handy as they work twofold. It creates a protective layer and fills in gaps.

8.    Caring for furniture
Different care is required for different kinds of furniture – your leather couches will have to be wiped dry while wooden furniture should be waxed or oiled to prevent moisture from getting in.

9.    Seal gaps between joints
The joints between your window frame and walls are most susceptible to water seepage. Similarly, any masonry joint in the house is prone to cracking and letting in water. To prevent this, you need to create a waterproof seal and SmartCare Akrylmax does just this.

10.    Dispel odours from the house
Prevent that typical musty smell from settling in your house. A fresh smelling home can instantly uplift spirits, even if it’s dark and cloudy outside. Scented candles, pot pourri, air fresheners or just a good spritz or two of you favourite perfume can help cover this. Using a dehumidifier, proper ventilation and keeping surfaces dry are other measures you can take to control this monsoon menace.

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