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Moving homes can be equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. Keep our list of tips handy to organise your house move smoothly

With something as big as a house move, start your prep work a few months in advance. This should give you enough time to get prepared for moving day.

Do it yourself

If you decide to pack all your stuff by yourself, make sure you have enough free days – and friends – as this is a time consuming process. Make a list of everything that needs to be taken care of, from buying enough supplies like packing boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. to hiring a truck, finding labour for loading and unloading as well as buying insurance. 

Sort it out

A few months prior to your move; start to sort out everything you own. Keep an eye out for things that you hardly use and don’t want or need. Get rid of these things – either sell, donate or throw them out – because the more you have, the more you spend on packing and moving. 

Movers and Packers

This is definitely the more hassle-free option to go to. Choose your vendor based on recommendations and research. Contact multiple vendors to get a comparative cost based on variables such as insurance. Along with quotes and duration of transportation, ask each vendor the following set of questions: 

·    Are they registered?

·    What is their point of contact?

·    Do they have a branch in the city you are moving to?

·    Are your goods insured? What does the insurance cover?

·    Do they accept cheque payments?

·    How much advance do they require?

·    Do they have their own fleet of trucks/vans or do they hire them?

·    Will they be undertaking part-shipment (when they group part of your stuff with someone else’s in case of free space in the truck)?

Get surveys done

While you can get a basic quote over the phone, always get the company to come home and conduct a survey of all your stuff before moving day. Once the survey is done, they will give you a final quote, which includes packing and moving everything. This will ensure that you have no surprises in terms of hidden charges.

Packing day

Even with professional help packing day can be quite hectic so prepare a few things in advance.

·    Pack up all your important documents and precious items yourself

·    Pack a set of cloths, toiletries, slippers, first-aid-kit and a few daily supplies with you to have handy at your new home

·    Empty, defrost and dry your fridge the night before

·    Make prior arrangements for a parking space for the truck close to your home

·    Inform building security of the move and get permission from the society to use the elevators for heavy items, if possible

·    Update your new address with banks and cancel newspaper, internet and cable subscriptions

·    Make all pending payments – maid, newspaper, society charges, electricity, landline, grocery store, etc

·    If possible, have your new home cleaned before you reach and old place cleaned after you leave

When packing day arrives, make sure that each box is labelled correctly especially fragile ones and designate someone to check the packing list – and keep a copy – to make sure every item on the list is in the truck. Also ensure that either you or someone you trust is at your new home by the time the truck arrives to unload and check everything.

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