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Tips on how to maintain your flooring: the ultimate floor care guide

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Flooring Maintenance

Like any other part of your home, the flooring also requires some TLC to preserve its look and extend its life. Routine cleaning with floor material-specific products can go a long way. Depending on the type of flooring, regular polish and sealant maintenance too can help immensely. We have collated some essential home floor preservation and cleaning tips to help you make the best of the floors you have invested in.

1.    General tips to care for home flooring

●    Using higher quantities of cleaning products to clean floors
       may be counterproductive. This is because harsh chemicals
       can ruin the finish of the flooring. This can ultimately lead to
       severe damage. Instead, you should increase the frequency of
       cleaning to ensure better results and longevity of the flooring.

●    Sweep regularly and mop using a damp mop. Excessive use of
       water when mopping may also cause damage to the floor.
       Mainly if the floor material is porous or holds water, make sure
       that you use as little water as possible when cleaning.

●    Basic cleaning products: A broom, a dustpan, a mop or 

Flooring cleaning & maintenance for your home - Beautiful Homes

      cleaning towels, and vacuum cleaners are, of course, the obvious tools you need to care for flooring. When it comes to cleaning agents,
      choose those specifically formulated for the type of floors you have.

●    Constant exposure to direct and harsh sunlight can damage the finishing of your floors. Shut your blinds or curtains when your floor is
       exposed to direct sunlight to avoid fading and discolouration of the floors.

●    Use precautions when moving heavy objects to avoid severe and permanent damage to the floors. Use trolleys to move heavy furniture or
       appliances. Do not slide or roll them across the floor. Most hard flooring is not resistant to consequent wear and friction.

●    Use floor protectors to support furniture to avoid dents and stains on the floors. The heavier the furniture, the wider the protector should be.
       Ensure that the protectors are non pigmented to prevent discolouration. The protectors should be at least 1” in diameter and lay flat against
       the floor.

●    Blotting is the best practice to clean any spills. For cleaning oiled floors, wine spills or splattered paint, blot using paper towels and clean
       immediately to avoid stains. Make sure to start at the edges and then move inwards to not spread the spill. Dry the area after cleaning to
       prevent it from becoming slippery.

●    To avoid the spread of dirt and debris and prevent extra tile wear, place mats and carpets in areas that see heavy movement.

2.    Tile care:

Tile is one of the most durable and low maintenance flooring options. Even so, here are some flooring cleaning and maintenance tips to prevent any damage and guarantee longevity in terms of looks and slip resistance.

Tips on tile care & flooring cleaning for your home - Beautiful Homes

●    When it comes to tile maintenance, you must prevent any kind
       of build-up, be it debris, water, cleaning product, etc. If not
       cleaned regularly, it can easily stain and even become slippery.
       This goes for both porcelain and ceramic tiles.

●    Clean tiles with pH neutral cleaner, followed by clean water to
       avoid film formation.

●    Wax and oil-based cleaners are known to damage the slip
       resistance of tiles. Steer clear of such cleaners.

●    If the tile is textured or coarse, you might need to agitate the floor with a mop or scrub and change the water more frequently for the last

●    Since tile is installed using grout, you should also pay attention to grout maintenance. For this, avoid cleaning solutions with acids and
       ammonia. Instead, opt for ones formulated explicitly for grout. Always make sure to thoroughly dry the tiles after cleaning.

3.    Stone floor cleaning and maintenance:

Stone floors can last a lifetime with proper Flooring cleaning and care.

●    Do not use acidic or alkaline cleaners for natural stone
       surfaces. Instead, opt for ones developed for stone specifically.

●    Use the cleaning solution per the manufacturer’s guidelines
       and recommendations. Allow it to sit for a while before
       agitating it.

●    Use a sponge or scrubs with soft bristles to agitate the
      cleaning solution.

●    Make sure that the attachments of vacuum cleaners are not
      worn. Worn metal and plastic can easily cause the stone floors 

Stone floor cleaning & maintenance for your house - Beautiful Homes

      to scratch.

●    Use heavy-duty stone cleaners to effectively remove grease, wax, or debris from stone floors. Wipe with a soft material like a sponge and
      buff it dry.

●    Use stone specific poultice to remove stains. If it causes dullness in polished stone, you might use stone polish to restore the shine.

●    All stones, be it marble, granite, or something else should be sealed for maximum protection against stains. Make sure to re-seal stone floors
      every couple of years for maintenance and to avoid stains and etchings.

4.    Caring for carpet:

Carpets can easily stain and get filthy. A large part of maintaining carpeted floors is cleaning them regularly and correctly.

Stone floor cleaning & maintenance for your house - Beautiful Homes

●    Since you cannot wipe or sweep carpet, establish a regular and
       frequent vacuuming schedule. Once a week is a must. Twice a
       week for areas with heavy traffic is recommended.

●    Blotting is the best way to clean up stains and spills on
       carpets. Make sure that you do not saturate the stain with
       excess water. After blotting, cover the damp area with a soft
       cloth until completely dry to protect it from dust and further
       staining. Do not scrub carpets since that will lead to the liquid
       sinking deeper into the carpet.

●    Professional deep cleaning every 15 to 18 months is a must for carpet care. This will ensure that dirt and debris don’t settle into the carpet.

●    At the very least, thorough steam cleaning every few months is recommended to avoid the build-up of pollutants and microbes that can lead
       to sickness.

●    Regular detergents require a lot of water to rinse off thoroughly. Avoid using these to clean carpets as they can act as dirt magnets if not
       removed completely. Instead, opt for absorption friendly cleaners made specifically for carpet cleaning.

5.    Hardwood flooring cleaning:

Regular cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floors per the manufacturer’s instructions is the perfect way to minimize wear and keep it looking beautiful.

●    Cleaning a real hardwood floor with water or steam is a big
       no-no. Any cleaner that requires water as a solvent can
       damage floors. Use only dedicated hardwood floor cleaners
       and follow the manufacturer’s instructions about how to use
       them. This is because moisture can cause severe damage to
       the wood and dull its shine.

●    To keep the floor dirt and debris free, sweep or vacuum daily. If
       you choose to vacuum, make sure that the wheels of the
       cleaner are clean and use the brush or felt attachments to
       prevent scratches.

●    Use dollies or protective plywood sheets or mdf sheets to 

Tips on hardwood flooring cleaning & maintenance - Beautiful Homes

       move heavy furniture or appliances. This will protect the floor from scratches and dents. Check out mdf sheet vs plywood sheet material is
       best for your home.

●    You must maintain the humidity levels in the house to protect the floors against excessive expansion or shrinkage. If you live in an area with
       low humidity, use humidifiers to increase humidity. If you live in a region with high humidity, use air conditioners, heaters and dehumidifiers to
       maintain the temperature and humidity in your home.

●    Constant exposure to sunlight causes the hardwood floors to age. This means that the wood is susceptible to discolouration and fading. To
       make sure that the wood ages evenly, periodically move the furniture and rugs in the room.

6.    Total floor care for Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring might be relatively durable and low maintenance, but it is also susceptible to discolouration and damage if not cared for regularly and as well as possible.

●    Routinely care for it by sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. This will ensure that there is no scuffing due to debris and grit.

●    Clean spills immediately to avoid staining and discolouration.

●    Avoid vacuums with beater bars to prevent scuffing.

●    Make sure that the cleaning products you use are safe for vinyl, lest they lead to discolouration and fade.

●    Use rugs and mats made of breathable material and are slip-resistant. Avoid mats backed with rubber or latex, as they can leave permanent
      stains on the floor.

●    To move furniture without worrying about scratches, use rubber casters or glides under the legs of the furniture.

Home flooring cleaning & maintenance tips - Beautiful Homes

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