How to light up your home this diwali


We have some bright ideas to help you light up your home this Diwali, read on to know more

Tis the time to drench your home in pretty lights. Diwali is almost upon us which essentially means it’s time to give your home a good scrub down. Once that’s out of the way, make room for these innovative ways to fill your home with warm illuminators. Traditional diyas and brass sculptural lights aside, here are some creative lighting options to adopt this year.

1.      Turn regular apples into candle votives. Use them to decorate the dining table by creating a centrepiece or making it a part of
         individual place setting.
2.      Reach for a cottage chic look with yellow fairy lights. Move away from the regular window decoration and use them creatively
         indoors. Drape them around your headboard, fill decorative bird cages with them, use them in hurricane lanterns or outline large
         mirrors and watch their glow amplify. You could also DIY a spherical light by spray painting hula hoops black and stringing fairy
         lights around it.
3.      Pick pendant lights that cast interesting shadows. As the sway in the breeze, their remarkable shadows lend a sense of theatrics to
         the space.
4.      Put those extra mason jars laying around the kitchen to good use. Turn them into outdoor lanterns for the perfect
         Instagram-worthy picture. Suspend them on stringed low voltage lights or use them as votives for floating candles.
5.      If you don’t already have a monogram light, it’s the perfect time to get one. Spell out positive and festive words or just your
6.      Washi tape, also known as every DIY-ers not-so-secret weapon, can instantly help uplift those regular t-light candles and plain glass
         votives. Pick tapes with patterns and colours to suit your interiors and let your creativity take control.
7.      Simple and minimalistic, air plant globes can double as t-light votives. They can be suspended or left standing individually around
         the house to induce Scandinavian vibes.
8.      It’s not Christmas yet but you can put those cake trays to use. Turn them into a pretty centre pieces or coffee table decoration
         complete with petals, flowers and candles.
9.      Heirloom ladles rusting away in the attic can make for beautiful illuminators too. Give them a new lease on life this Diwali.
10.    Choose a pendant light or Edison bulb that you love and invest in a six to eight of them. Group them together to create a cluster
         chandelier that’s affordable and can be dismantled or reconfigured easily.


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