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How to enhance your space with plants


Own your green thumb with our easy tips on decorating with plants

There’s nothing like a few potted plants to bring alive a space. They add an instant shot of freshness to the home. Here are a few ideas on how to do it right.

1.    Swap your floor lamp for a large bonsai in the living room. Use a brass or copper pot for that dash of glam.

2.    Variety is the spice of life: Use different plants in varying heights in different types of pots to create visual drama. Interesting
        shaped pots can add to the décor of the space.

3.    Place small potted plants at the corner of your shelves along side your accessories, and see how wonderfully they transform
        what once was a dead space.

4.    You can also explore vertical gardens at the entry to your home or on the walls of your balcony.

5.    Hosting a party, and don’t have runners or table accessories handy? Just place a row of potted plants interspersed with candles
        and you are set for a chic, rustic party.

6.    If all the soil is giving you stain-nightmares, then opt for plants that you can grow in water. Think fish bowls and leafy greens.

7.    Our favourite is the herb garden on the windowsill. How can you beat the joy of plucking fresh curry leaves or basil and using it
        to cook right away?


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