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How to decorate those empty walls

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Think of a blank wall as a blank canvas. There is so much you can do with it that it could be daunting for you to consider. Don’t fret, we’ve put together a list of ideas to make your home interior walls go from plain to statement-making.

The best thing about wall décor is that it’s the easiest way to create a ‘look’ for any room. So, even if it’s the only thing you mull over for a room, then it’ll still probably be enough.

Thematic walls

-    A thematic wall makes a space look attractive, organized, and

-    You can go with a theme based on the style of art you display.
      For example; ink-based paintings, abstract art, or caricatures.
     You can also go with a particular artist’s paintings if you are an
      art collector and enjoy the same.

-    If you’d like to display photographs, stick to a mood, for e.g.; a
     monochromatic display or a selection of creatively captured

-    Mix and match paintings and photos with decorative wall-
     mounted objects or framed fabrics that go with the theme. 

Theme based wall décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Choosing a theme based on monochromatic photos for your wall décor adds elegance to your room. Image Courtesy, Kurafuto Works

     For e.g.; a theme based on traditional or cultural artifacts

Ledge display
-    A ledge is a narrow shelf of a few inches, which can be used to display collectibles.

-    This is a great option if you’d like to avoid drilling holes and hanging things. Simply display them on a ledge and lean the piece on the wall

-    This makes it easier to rearrange the display whenever something else catches your eye. Place a variety of articles including frames, artifacts,
     decorative accessories, mirrors, etc.

-    If there’s enough space on the ledge then place objects that are framed creatively in boxes, standing upright. For e.g. if you have a collection of
     small objects and don’t know how to display them, then frame them in a box and place them here.

Innovative gallery walls
-    A mixture of mixed media, like photos, art, decorative objects, and frames of different shapes.

-    Add character to the mix with a variety of finishes.

-    Mount objects of sentimental value or souvenirs from trips to make the arrangement more personal.

Nilaya by Asian Paints wallpapers designs - Beautiful Homes

Nilaya by Asian Paints’ designer collaborations with fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Good Earth can turn your walls into a canvas for an interesting collaboration between fashion and print design. Photography by Prachi Damle

Wallpaper or murals
-    Printed wallpapers add character to blank walls.

-    Opt for a mural or decal that makes the wall look unique.

-    Have fun with it. For e.g. you could use the wallpaper cut into
     panels across the wall. Another example could be framing the
     wallpaper or various prints in a variety of finishes and sizes and
     arranging it creatively.

-    The main benefit of dressing up any wall with mirrors is that it
      makes spaces look bigger. So, if there’s a bank wall in the
      entryway or a smaller space, a mirror is perfect.

-    A collection of reflective surfaces create an interactive illusion.
     As you move the reflections change and seem less static as
     compared to other pieces of décor.

-    Use an accent mirror with a statement frame or a bunch of old
     mirrors with antique frames. This will guarantee a great looking
     wall, no matter where you place it.

Wall plates
-    Wall plates have become a popular choice in Indian décor. This is a trendy option.

-    Ceramic wall plates are the most popular.

-    This idea works in a kitchen or a dining space.

-    Tapestry adds warmth and character to rooms.

-    Opt for rugs or embroidered scarves as wall décor.

-    Place such pieces in areas where there’s little chance of it
     catching dust. The fabric can be dry-cleaned regularly for

-    Areas like a library, study, or lounging space are most suitable
     for this style of décor.

Statement piece
-    This method adds the most amount of drama to your décor.

Display tapestry on your house interior walls - Beautiful Homes

Displaying tapestry on your wall instantly adds a touch of warmth to your décor. Photography by Fabien Charuau, Designed by SquareWorks.

-    Use pieces like old doors, window frames, antiques that have stories

-    Use statement pieces available in the market. Some of them even come as a group of items to create a complete stylized setting on the wall.

Vertical Garden
-    Use wall terrariums that hardly need any maintenance, yet look so effortlessly pretty.

-    Mount small quirky planters to add more character and an element of fun to the walls.

-    Hang a bunch of planters at a corner of the room.

-    Use plants that don’t require much water, so walls remain clean.

-    An ideal location to place this would be near a window, or balcony with some sunlight.

Feature image courtesy

BAAO Architects

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