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How to choose the right vases for your favourite flowers

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We got our florist, Dr Sonal Shah of Bageecha to share with us tips on making the most of your flowers

There’s nothing that uplift a mood or space as easily as flowers do. But how do you start and what do you need? Our expert gives us a step by step guide to help achieve your flower power.    

Identify the space

Zero in on the areas that need highlighting or lack some colour, which could be enlivened with beautiful flowers.

How to buy fresh flowers?

Look out for yellowing leaves, drooping stems, wilting petals.
TIP: Buy flowers when the buds are half open, you will get the most mileage from them

Choosing an appropriate vase

For corners, table consoles or tall areas, use long cylinder shaped vessels. If you have a wide space, you may want a broad container. Long stemmed flowers that are most appropriate include Disbuds, Liliums, Heliconia, Gladioli and Ginger. These come in various colours and could even be as high as 3 ft.

For table decorations or smaller areas, use bowls or shorter vases and medium stemmed blossoms like orchids, hydrangeas, tulips, roses and carnations. Shallow dishes make great containers to float flowers and look very pretty with floating candles. Gerberra, orchids, rose petals are great flower options.

Caring for Flowers

It is important to condition the flowers to get the most of their short life. Fill vase 2/3rd with room temperature water – never too cold or too hot as it shocks the flower and may hasten its death. Wash the stem and snip the edge before placing in vase. All leaves that will be immersed in the water must be removed as these cause bacteria build up. Change the water daily, and prune the stems while removing dead leaves and petals regularly.

Arrange the flowers in the vase and place them so that they are not in the line of direct draft or intense sunlight.

As the flowers slowly start decaying, cut the stems and place in smaller receptacles, and you could even float the petals. This way you maximize your enjoyment of these delicate accessories.

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