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How to choose the right drapes for your living room

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Choosing curtains for your living room can be quite a daunting task. Use our inspired living room drape ideas to make the best choice for your home!

Setting the tone of a room can be easily achieved by investing in the right kind of curtains. Since the possibilities are endless – sheer or opaque, light or ornamental, block coloured or patterned – we’ve compiled the very best living room drape ideas to help you make your decision!

Here is how you can choose the right colour for your curtains 
The amount of sunlight your living room receives plays an essential role when choosing what colour your curtains should be. Since natural light fades fabric over time, drape east and west-facing windows with neutral colours, as they are less likely to fade in comparison to brighter hues. Plus, beige, greys, etc, also blend in seamlessly with a vast variety of different décor schemes.

If your living room receives relatively little direct sunlight throughout the day, consider experimenting much more with more vibrant hues to add a sense of light and vibrancy to the space. However, as far as solid living room curtain ideas go, if you’re inclined to choose a darker shade, ensure that it complements the room’s existing 

Printed Curtain Design For Living Room With Wooden Sofa & Printed Rug - Beautiful Homes

When choosing your drapes, keep in mind the rest of the décor. If you have solid coloured upholstery on your furniture, opt for printed curtains and vice versa. Match your throw pillows, rugs, etc accordingly.

colour scheme as heavier colours can really prove to be an eyesore if applied rashly.

Choosing between solid colours or patterned motifs
If your soft furnishings are decorated in a single, block colour, consider opting for a printed/patterned curtain to add a little bit of individuality to the room. From here, a particularly great living room curtain idea is to match the print of your curtain with any printed cushions or throws, etc. that adorn your living space. Geometric and checkered patterns are ideal for a more contemporary look while florals suit a more classic and traditional aesthetic.

However, if the interior design of your living room is already quite highly patterned, then perhaps a simple, subtle block colour for your curtains or drapes might be best so as not to make the space too busy!

Fabric varieties that spark living room drape ideas
How your curtains fall and fold when they are pulled back is essential to the overall impression of your living room design. Ideally, the best curtain fabric choices are linen, silk, faux silk and velvet as they all offer a visually pleasing tactile element, while still being easily manipulatable.

Faux silk is more durable and, when used in sunny rooms, doesn’t fade as quickly as real silk. Suede, velvet and tweed are ideal for cooler climes as they are insulative fabrics. You could also opt to include some interlining – a layer between the lining and fabric – to increase the volume of the fabric and to encourage longevity. For a casual, loose atmosphere, choose linen or cotton.

Pay close attention to height, length and width
Whether you have half or full-length windows, add a sense of height to the room by hanging curtain panels six inches higher than the window. For a traditional look, add two-three inches to the length and let the curtain fabric pool a little on the floor. When calculating the width, add four-eight inches on both sides and double the total to create a sense of fullness. Scallops add a dramatic look but only use them in large spaces!

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