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How to choose colour combinations for your living room

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Try these inspired living room colour ideas from interior designers, Bhavin and Komal Sheth, and completely transform your home today!

Colour is an incredibly powerful tool. Choosing colour combinations for the living room can dramatically alter the mood by either opening up the space or making it feel much smaller and cosier. Most importantly however, different living room colour ideas can give your home a unique stamp of individuality.

Don’t know where to start? Fret not, we got interior designers Bhavin and Komal Sheth of Bhavin Komal Design Diaries to give us their best advice for choosing the most effective colour combinations for the living room!

Break the rules
Red and green, green and yellow; certain colour combinations are considered to be a taboo by society at large. However, if you ask us, there is no such thing as an off-limits colour pairing. Don't be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone when thinking of colour combinations for the modern living room!

Small Living Design With Light Pastel Colours - Beautiful Homes

For a smaller living room, you can work with light pastel colours. For example, aqua paired with white will help your furnishings and accessories stand out.

Use the wheel to discover living room colour ideas 
Make sure to reference the colour wheel so as to unlock a plethora of living room colour ideas. A small colour wheel is an invaluable tool when modifying or intensifying a living space.

For starters, colours that appear on opposite sides of the colour wheel are referred to as complementary colours, with a sharp contrast between them. They can really make a space pop, but overuse can get visually tiresome very quickly. Analogous colours are the ones that sit next to each other on the wheel. In a three-colour analogous palette, one colour should dominate, one should support and the third should function as a colour accent.

Consider room size
For a small, sun-deprived living room, colours that are too muted or too cool can feel uninviting. Play it up with warmer shades to visually expand dark spaces and to create a welcoming atmosphere. On the flipside, do you have a sprawling living room design which is flooded with natural light? Well, fortunately, more space means more colour combinations for the living room! Bright complementary colours might come on too strong, so utilise them against a white backdrop to soften the overall effect. For instance, colours like navy, turquoise and pink work well when teamed with white.


Pick by personality
For a more active space, introduce stronger, more intense colours. For a calmer room, choose colours that are slightly more intense than off-white or light pastel. Extremely light colours can feel bright and stark when applied to all the available walls. Instead, two or more medium-light, closely related pastels can create a wonderfully luminous effect together. For an alternative living room colour idea, consider adding a splash of drama with a stronger colour on the ceiling.

Take on textures
Try mixing textures to break-up the monotony of a single colour. The wall and trim colours can remain the same, but consider using an eggshell finish (that’s matte and less reflective) on the walls and a satin or semi-gloss finish on the trims. The same colour will appear slightly differently on each surface. This is perfect for creating a cohesive colour combination for the living room, in which there are many windows and doors and less wall surface area.

Light matters
Natural daylight reveals colours at their finest. Thus, incandescent hues bring out warm tones and subtle yellows. Fluorescent shades provide a sharp blue tone. Consequently, a strong colour might seem overpowering when used on every wall, or when utilised next to a large window, but it might prove to be most effective on an accent wall with indirect light.

Go on, pick a shade that talks to you!

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