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Having a signature scent for your home doesn’t need a lot of effort or money. We bring you five simple ways to incorporate scents in your home

Homes, like people, have their scent essence. From the moment you step inside a home, along with what you see, what a home smells like forms your first impression and memory of it. And there are no dearth of products in the market that promise you a beautiful smelling home. But most often, they are pricey, unhealthy and even, disappointing.

Here, we offer five simple, au naturale and practical suggestions that can help bring fragrance inside your home without it being an expensive affair.

1.    Make herbal bouquets

You can place mint stems in a glass jar or tie a bunch to hang by the window. Tulsi sprigs and eucalyptus branches work wonderfully too. A tip is to strategically find a place at home where they are often gently brushed against, either by a curtain or as you walk past them to and fro, so as to help release their scents.

2.    Get a burner and vaporise essential oils

Vaporising is the simplest and energetic way of creating a fragrant ambiance in your home. Essential oils are very giving. Used solely or blended, they have a myriad of calming, uplifting and rejuvenating properties. You can choose essential oils according to seasons or your own mood. A more thrifty way to the art of vaporising is simply a peek into your humble kitchen shelf. Gather some spices or cut a few lemon slices and drop them into your vaporiser.

3.    Concoct natural sprays

Use gulab jal (rose water) to spray over your indoor plants and balcony garden to, besides making them look their clean and shiny best, create a little fragrant oasis around your home.

4.    Burning natural incense sticks is a classic

Think away from their traditional use. Stick them in beautiful holders and place safely on your work table or bed side to let them envelope you in their fragrant fumes while you work or dream away.

5.    Bring home flowers

Here again, florals picked from the wayside, your own garden or locally grown and easily available in the market make far better options than any exotic variety. Rajnigandha (Tuberose), Moghrā (Jasmine), Champa (Frangipani), Champak (Magnolia Champaca) and Kamini (lakeview jasmine) are perfect for scenting homes. Float them in small bowls or large urulis to create welcoming doorways, arrange them in your favourite vase to brighten up corners and windowsills, or simply scatter them in charming platters for a more nonchalant way of perfuming tabletops. And when you notice signs of wilting, extend both their fragrance and beauty by taking them out of water, tying a cord and hanging them to dry by the windows. 

These natural fragrances apart from making your home smell divinely welcoming, help clean the air and in most cases keep insects away.

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