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A style blogger on the one thing she always has in her wardrobe

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This simple fix will ensure your clothes survive the monsoon.

As much as I love the monsoon, every year the season wreaks havoc on my wardrobe. Last year, I lost a dear old leather wallet to mould and to my horror, I found many other items in my closet covered in mildew. The worst thing about fungus is that no matter how often you clean it, it always finds its way back. Furiously scouring the Internet for some solution, I found some home remedies, but not the patience to apply them. A dehumidifier seemed the easiest solution, but it was out of my budget.

And then I came across this life-changing (I don’t use this phrase lightly) product—the Dampfree Moisture Absorber—which I haven't stopped using since. Besides preventing mildew inside the wardrobe and on the walls, it reduces other moisture-related issues like corrosion, tarnishing, condensation and musty odours.

I started with the disposable hanging sachet (I now use it all year round); which lasts about two months (in New Delhi). I have also tried the smaller sachets and a disposable box variant to be placed inside smaller sections of the wardrobe and other cabinets. I'm happy to report that my entire closet has been absolutely mould-free ever since.

Here are a few other tips that I found useful in preventing mould in monsoons:

1.    Make sure you don't keep anything wrapped in plastic. Let
       your belongings air as much as possible to prevent fungal

2.    Always store boxes on wire shelves rather than on the floor to
       avoid trapping moisture underneath.

3.    Leave your closet door(s) open occasionally to ensure air

Surbhi Sethi is the fashion blogger behind HeadTilt

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