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A cleaning checklist for the home: how much and how often

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Keep your house squeaky clean with some help from our cleaning checklist

Don’t let the thought of cleaning your house send you into a tizzy. While some manage to get through the basics every day, it’s a lost cause for the rest of us. If you’re unsure of where to start, here’s a breakdown of what you should be cleaning and how often:

How often should you clean?
Don’t clean everything all at once or even every day. This will just make it exhausting and endless. Chalk out and stick to a cleaning schedule to help ease the process.

·    Daily: Sweep and mop your floors every day, especially if you live in a polluted city. Wipe down kitchen counters and sinks with a surface
     disinfectant or cleaner and empty all garbage bins.

·    Weekly: Dust and wipe hard surfaces like consoles and dining tables, clean your microwave and stove top, and a deep clean of your toilets and
     bathrooms should be done at least once a week.

·    Monthly: Cleaning the insides of your refrigerator and kitchen chimney, wiping down your ceiling fans and walls, washing shower curtains and
      thoroughly vacuuming upholstery, carpets, mattresses and curtains can be carried out once or twice a month.

·    Quarter or Half yearly: For a deep clean of your home set aside a weekend every three-four months (see our story). Consider a professional
      service for cleaning/shampooing your sofas and carpets once or twice a year.

What equipment is needed?
    A vacuum cleaner with different attachments is a great investment. Consider one that comes with HEPA filters to keep your home
     free from mildew and allergens
·    Other tools include microfibre cloths for wet and dry wiping, steam cleaner for tile floors and bathrooms, broom and dustpan,
     window wiper, scrubbing brush, sponge and toothbrush for grout and hard to reach crevices

What cleaning supplies work?
To ensure your floors and furniture last for a longer time, use different cleaning solutions for surfaces such as marble, granite and wood.
·    Buy a multi-surface cleaner for your counter tops and glass cleaner for windows and mirrors. The cheapest way to clean glass
     surfaces is by spraying them with water and wiping them clean with a newspaper
·    You need to care for and protect your upholstery to prevent the colour from fading. Avoid harsh detergents and fabric cleaners and
     get a cleaning spray that will help draw out stains while simultaneously deodorising
·    Use only wood wax or olive oil for cleaning/polishing wooden furniture and doors
·    Keep the limescale from building on your faucets with a metal cleaning solution for your bathroom and kitchen fixtures

Dos and don’ts to keep in mind
    Don’t saturate wooden floors with water. Use a wrung out, damp mop
·    Always clean granite with a mild soap solution and water
·    Do not clean leather upholstery with soap and water as it can ruin the material. Wipe it with clean with a soft, dry cloth and use a
     conditioner once a year
·    Avoid using feather dusters as they tend to spread dust even more. Microfibre cloth or electrostatic dusters are ideal

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