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10 things to remember before buying a wash basin

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Confused about which basin to buy for your bathroom? Our handy guide will sort you out

Choosing a bathroom basin can be a bit overwhelming, but only when you’re not sure what you’re looking for. There are three things you should keep in mind when choosing a sink type: vanity style, counter space and overall style of your bathroom. Read on to know how you can pick the best fit for your bathroom:

1. Identify the function
First and foremost, figure out which bathroom will have what kind of use, heavy, light, occasional and then decide on the style.

2. Simple and clean type
If you’re looking for a cleaner and streamlined appearance of your bathroom, consider getting the under-the-counter type with no exposed edges.

3. Futuristic type
If you like a modern/ futuristic look, and want to explore different shapes and finishes, the vessel type which is mounted atop the counter is ideal.

4. Retro type
If you want to make a statement in a tight space, look at pedestal sink units which have a vintage look and are less bulky. Stone finished pedestal units in contemporary styles can be used for indoor as well as for outdoor areas.

5. Double it up
If you are living in an extended family, consider installing two basins in the kids’ bathrooms. This gives you the choice of installing double vanities as well.

Under the counter basins, which are typically sunk in, give a cleaner appearance as the edges of the basin aren’t visible.

6. Maximum floor space minimum compromise
Make smart use of a small space. Consider a semi-countertop sink that offers a large wash basin design while at the same time preserves valuable floor space.

7. Optimise your choice
Pedestal and wall mounted sinks are a good choice for powder rooms and guest baths where space is limited and storage is less important.

8. Find your corner
For small bathrooms with empty nooks, corner sinks are a great choice. Available in both pedestal and wall-mount options, these save space by fitting directly into a corner.

9. Use the same brand
Different brands of ceramics have variations even within whites and ivory colours. Hence, washbasin and WC for each bathroom should be bought from the same brand for a consistent look.

10. Find a professional
An interior designer would be able to guide you better when it comes to space management, style and size of sinks suitable for you.

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