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Follow through your home décor goals with our list of simple décor resolutions for 2018

Unlike in magazines and websites, it is not always possible to have a spick and span home. Being house-proud is no mean feat, and so we’ve compiled a list of simple, easy to follow measures you can add to your list of resolutions for 2018:

1. Entrance
First impressions are unbeatable, so declutter your doorway. Find discreet storage for shoes, umbrellas and coats so visitors are not greeted by these when they walk in.

2. Flora
Flowers can brighten up a room with little effort, though plants are a more sustainable option. Find ones that are good indoor choices and use vividly coloured planters with floor protectors.

3. Throws & rugs
An inexpensive way to change the look of your home and add some warmth; drape throws over couches and window sills, place carpets where visitors can dig their toes in.

4. Containers
Experiment with containers of different sizes and materials to stay organized while adding an eclectic touch to your residence.

5. Lighting
Good lighting is half the job done when it comes to adding drama and making any abode beautiful. String fairy lights around a curtain rod or bunch them up inside a bell jar; pastel coloured paper lamps lend a Boho vibe while classy chandeliers will be the best conversation starter you ever invested in.

6. Focal points
A smart coffee table in the living room, vintage sideboard in the kitchen, modern sculpture in the bedroom – find ways to attract a visitor’s attention to the one feature that states the attitude of the room.

7. Bathrooms
Keep bathrooms clean and organised with a place for hygiene and comfort products. Conceal cleaning products and tools, find multi-shelf racks for all essentials and invest in pretty hand towels and smart soap dispensers.

8. Multifunctional furniture
Always look out for pieces that work twice as hard such as a chair that converts into a step ladder, a bookshelf that has clothes hooks on the side or even a bed with pull out storage drawers.

9. Switch it around
Every couple of months, move your furniture so your rooms get a different look. It doesn’t have to be drastic, just a plant in a different corner or your couch facing another direction can do the trick.

10. Recycle
The best tip to keeping a home in good shape and looking great is to regularly recycle. Trawl flea markets and garage sales and donate as many items as you pick up or more. This way you will not clutter up your home and it will always look fresh and interesting.

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