These house plants will cheer up your festive décor


This time of year is synonymous with cheap and cheerful decorations, usually—and unfortunately—in plastic. So, we had a thought: decorate the home in a sustainable and relatable fashion. The idea was to replace the fake plastic pine trees with house plants. (There’s one more story on this theme. Check it out here.) 

Various house plants decorated with red, white and golden Christmas elements scattered on and around an armchair

Putting together a combination of simple festive elements with our regular house plants makes for a really unique Christmas tree setting.

Two cacti and a pennywort plant decorated for Christmas with pom-poms and golden ornaments

Simply adding pom poms in festive colours like red and white, helps dress up the plant in a minimal yet cheerful way.

A poinsettia, a black begonia and a crassula pagoda on a patterned wallpaper in the background

Plants like Poinsettia, Crassula Pagoda and Black Begonia make for great mini Christmas trees due to their appearance and colours. These can also be easily placed on your desk or side table.

You can use the ideas I’ve shared to deck up the plants you already have at home. I picked the following plants that I could relate to Christmas from Mumbai’s Vriksha Nursery:

1.    EURPHOBIA TRIGONA: A cactus found commonly in homes, spruced up with red pompoms is a refreshing visual. The form of the cactus is
      reminiscent of a reindeer’s antlers. Little white pom-poms stuck on the ends of an agave are really cute too.

2.    PENNYWORT: Place a Pennywort plant on the coffee-table with a few Christmas ornaments sitting on top (stuck on sticks). The plant is
       really delicate, and the golden ornaments on it set a beautiful festive vibe.

3.    POINSETTIA: This is everyone’s favourite. Adding a few ornaments makes it lovelier.

4.    CRASSULA PAGODA: This is a variety of succulent that resembles a little pine tree. Having one on your bedside or desk is a nice option. Like
       all succulents, they are easy to manage, you have to water them only once a week.

5.    BLACK BEGONIA: This plant has a very distinct character. The white spots on the black leaves may remind you of a snowy holiday

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