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Make your house festival-ready this dussehra, with these 6 décor ideas

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Dussehra, a festival to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, Lord Rama’s over Ravana’s, is just around the corner. And you know what that means. It’s time to declutter your home and redecorate it to welcome prosperity and celebrate positivity!

No, you don’t need an expert’s help or a helping hand for the tips we will be sharing. Whether you live with your family or are stuck in a home away from home, here are some super easy interior decor ideas for you to revamp your abode and get it festival ready!


Our festivals are the yearly reminders of our history and roots. Celebrating it with our loved ones sitting across the dining table, enjoying traditional delicacies, is a refreshing experience to cherish every year. While the food brings in the nostalgia, you can use large copper or silver plates to serve happiness and experience our royal history, at home. Our festivals are incomplete without a heartwarming feast!

You can add on to this experience by finding a fresh table cloth that enhances your dining space.

Dining Table Décor for Dussehra With Fresh Flowers - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Anantaya

Home Décor for Dussehra With Fresh Flowers, Red Velvet Sofa, Centre Table & Blue Rug - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, UDC Homes

The easiest way to make your space look festival ready is to decorate your home with colourful flowers in vases. House plants can also be used instead of plucked flowers. Bring in your stereo, play some retro music and celebrate the lovely festival of Dussehra while staying safe at home.

Another great interior decor idea is the addition of vibrant and patterned rugs. Easily accessible on the internet, you won’t even need to step out to bring in this comfortable decor piece.

Quirky as well as the safest placement of diyas is in hanging diya holders. Available in colours of your choice, you can pick these and light scented wax as well as traditional diyas. Perfect for your temple at home, doorway or even balconies, this diy decor idea works wonders for almost any of our Indian festivals!

You can also opt for fairy lights which can be used to decorate your space in many innovative ways. Be it hanging along with the curtains, bundled up in a hanging cage or stuffed in an empty glass bottle, diy home decor ideas are endless when it comes to fairy lights.

Room Décor For Dussehra With Hanging Diya Holders In Temple & Doorway - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Anantaya

Home Entrance Décor Ideas With Pendant Lamps & Shimmering Ponds For Dussehra- Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creation

Pendant lamps and shimmering ponds are some of the most beautiful interior decor elements, famous from the royal times. Adorn your home with such unique lamps that can hold flowers too, casting a reflection over the mini pond with floating rose petals. You can even add some floating diyas and have yourself a stunning decor at home this Dussehra!

Rearrange your furniture for a fresh feel and throw in some colourful cushions to bring in the cozy homely home vibe. A beautiful chandelier is a great investment this time of the year. Whether your style is ethnic or modern, add some vibrant paintings and put your scented candles to use this Dussehra! After all, is there anything better than warm lights in the winter breeze?

Do be careful about placing candles and lamps around the carpet or curtains.

Living Room Décor Ideas For Dussehra With Cream Sofa, Centre Table, Candles & Warm Lights - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ochre At Home

Whether you prefer a natural toran or one made with beads, they are a great diy decor idea to decorate the entrance of your home. You can also light it up with paper lanterns or vintage lamps - a great way to remind you to welcome positivity and warmth and also to share it with your loved ones.

Rangoli is another beautiful idea to add some colours to your doorstep and also a fun excuse to get artistic with your family members!

Do you have some home decor ideas for the Dussehra festival? Do share with us.

Team Beautiful Homes wishes you and your loved ones a prosperous and safe Dussehra!

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