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A festive and colourful living room for Diwali


Give your living room a festive makeover with quirky pieces, electric colours and a host of twinkling lights

We are maximalists at heart, and the festive season makes it seem legit too. If you too, are itching to go all out with bold colours, bright patterns and shiny accents in your living room, then we have just the look you can experiment with. Let’s start with the backdrop - a multicoloured wallpaper with intricate patterns is just the thing you need to set your field. Don’t be afraid to go a little OTT, this is what this look is about – gold foil cushion covers, velvet upholstered seating and gold polished and brass votives. Instead of the regular leaf and flower torans, string up flower shaped fairy lights. Small stools and ottomans double up as extra seating for when guests arrive, so keep them handy. We suggest add in a quirky statement piece or two, like we did with the painted wooden animals. Now that all the heavy work is done bring in some tall stemmed flowers such as orchids in bright colours, light up your diyas and unwind with a drink before the early birds start streaming in.


Styled By

Pragnya Rao

Assisted By

Nidhi Tiwari

Photography By

Prachi Damle

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