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10 simple things to bring the Christmas cheer at home

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Every year when December arrives, we know it’s time to refresh our decorations for Christmas. The Christmas tree, wreaths and stockings are synonymous to this time of the year. But what if we did more than that to truly get into the festive spirit? We listed some very simple ideas to cheer up your space and you!

1. Use festive colours
Red and green are the most common colours of Christmas. Swap your cushions, throws and bedsheets with ones in the festive colours. Patterns like plaid will add to the setting too. Use these elements wherever you can around the house. 

2. Try theme-based fragrances
One of the easiest ways to get into the festive mood is to scent up your home in a thematic fragrance. There are plenty of ways to do this. Either by lighting scented candles, using a diffuser, an incense stick or by using essential oils. Another method is to make your own simmer pot. This is a trend that is common in the west. But since our meals have strong remnant smells, this is a good way to overpower them. The following simmer pot recipe is a quick fix.

-    Orange peels or slices from 2 oranges
-    2 cinnamon sticks
-    1 tsp whole cloves
-    A few red coloured fragrant flower petals.

-    Add all the ingredients to the pot
-    Pour water that covers the ingredients but doesn’t take up the whole pot
-    Set to simmer over low heat. In about 10 to 15 minutes, the scent will start spreading
-    Add in some water once the level reduces
-    This mix will last for a good 3 days, and you can use it every 3 hours

3. Light up your home
Dimming the white light and using lots of dimmer lights will create a moody setting for the home. Use candles wherever it is safe. Layering different sized candles can create an interesting vignette. Take a look at our account on how to choose the right candles here. Using string lights in different places will also light up the space. Let them droop over your bed or console or put them jumbled up together in a glass jar. Interesting looking lamps add to the décor of any room. The side tables can get an instant update with small sized table lamps.

4. Do a few festive DIYs
The Nativity scene is one of the essentials during the season. How about you DIY it with your family this year? That way you can 

Dining table with a red and black checkered table cloth and a christmas setting

Placing a few fresh winter flowers and leaves in a vase every day to add some colour and freshness to the dining table. Image courtesy, Libby penner/ unsplash

personalise it and get more involved rather than simply buying it. Plus, it is a fun activity to do with your family, especially if you have kids at home. Take a look at our simple DIY here.

Another fun DIY is wrapping gifts in a new way. Ditch the plastic wrappers this year and go for paper ones. Then add your own designs and patterns on them. Here is an easy DIY that you can try.

Chair decorated with plants placed around it

Adding a few winter plants around the house will breathe life into spaces, especially if you have a few empty nooks and corners. Photography by Prachi Damle

5. Add in some plants
Plants always bring in a certain freshness to any home. So, adding a few winter plants around the house will breathe life into spaces. Especially if you have a few empty nooks and corners. These smaller plants can also be decorated in interesting ways. Here are a few ideas to decorate house plants. In case you are planning on skipping the Christmas tree this time, there are a lot of home plants that can work as replacements. Check out our list here.

6. Add Christmas ornaments in unusual places
Christmas ornaments need not only be on your tree. Put them in places that you come across in your mundane activities. This way you get a wave of festivity even in the smallest of moments. For example, tie a few to a string and hang them on doorknobs. You could also put them in your potpourri or stuff them in a transparent jars and put those on your shelves.

7. Decorate your dining table
Keep your dining table decorated throughout. Place a few fresh winter flowers and leaves in a vase every day to add some colour and freshness. Use Christmas décor elements to create a simple centrepiece. This way mealtimes will always be cheery.

8. Have Christmas sweets handy
Another festive favourite are the sweets. Always have some handy in case you crave to have some or are having a low day. Also, if you have unexpected guests over you are always ready with something sweet to offer. For homes where sweets are made at home, the entire process and the fragrance that fills the home puts you in holday mood in an instant.

9. Add some bling
Add in a pinch of bling in every room. Suppose you aren’t a big fan of gold and glitter, keep it minimal and choose simple objects for it. Even if it is in small quantities, it lifts the décor of the home unlike any other day. It seems like the home is celebrating something.

10. Play some music
Music is not only a stressbuster but also a mood lifter. Having some Christmassy music playing in the background while you carry out your daily chores and work will help in many ways. It will keep you relaxed and mainly, cheerful.


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