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This mini Christmas tree is just the fun decoration idea you need


If you are one of those people who finds all that variety of Christmas decorations in the market overwhelming, we are here to show you a fun way out. Or if you just like to make Christmas decorations a time for the family to come together, then this simple craft based DIY is just for you.

Use this simple DIY for your Christmas Décor

Bringing in his miniature production design expertise here, guest stylist Andrew Fernandes shows us how to make mini Christmas trees. So simple, these can be made out of materials which are probably already there in the back of your drawers.

This fun festive detail can easily brighten up the mood of your home or office desk. Here’s how you can do this along with your kids:

1.    Begin by taking a square sheet of paper in green. Use a size you want the final tree to be in.

2.    Cut the paper in an arc going from one corner of the sheet to the other.

3.    Now roll the sheet so that it makes a cone. Paste the edge to fix it.

4.    Add decorations like a tiny jute rope or coloured yarn. You can add white paint for a snow effect or paste small bits of coloured paper to it.
       Simply get creative and decorate it however you like.

You now have pretty little Christmas trees to decorate your space!

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