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This Christmas, make your wrapping as personal as the gifts

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Christmas is around the corner and the one thing we worry about (besides the season’s calories) is having our gifts purchased and wrapped in time. Between making a list of people and choosing gifts they will actually like - the last thing on your mind is the wrapping bit. Especially when we all know what happens to the wrapping paper eventually.

Make your own wrapping paper at home with this simple DIY.

But for our guest DIY stylist Andrew Fernandes, the wrapping is just as important a part of gifting and he likes to make it thoughtful as well. Andrew has a background in fine art, animation and post production, so when it comes to art and craft he has some fun ideas to share. In order to make his videos memorable and quirky, he uses unique methods of showcasing the concepts. These include paper craft as we see here and minimal assemblage and miniature production design.

Putting his background in visual communication in action, the filmmaker shows us a simple, pocket-friendly and personalised way to wrap your gifts. The DIY is so easy and fun, you can involve your kids and make it a family activity for the festive season. 

Here’s a step by step guide:

1)    Begin with taking a foam board and a pen. Now draw any symbol that you like on it. We have used a star. (Remember to not make it too
       intricate or else it will be difficult to make a cut out for the next step.)

2)    Cut the outline of the star with a pair of scissors. (Here, ensure adult supervision for the kids)

3)    Take a small piece of cardboard and paste the foam star on it.

4)    Now take an ink pad and press this newly made stamp on it.

5)    Take a brown sheet of paper and use this stamp to make patterns. You can even mix two symbols.

6)    Add a ribbon or a personal note on the gift after wrapping it.

You have a pretty looking package ready to be gifted!

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