The people's choice for year's best DIY projects

DIY videos are one of the most popular segments of That is the most important lesson we’ve learned from looking at the ‘engagement’ (forgive the digital-speak) numbers of our readers. And home improvement and accessory videos are especially loved. Are you, our readers, recreating some of the ideas suggested in these stories? Tell us, because that’s the kind of thing we love to know.

From the many popular ones we published, two of the smartest ones (which also showed us how easy it is to do complicated-looking things) are the following…

1.    Make your own terrarium with Leah Umrigar
Terrariums look like little exotic biospheres on a side-table. One of the things we loved about this DIY was the way it broke down a trend that’s taken over rooms, from Mumbai to Malibu. In this video, Leah Umrigar of Green Bowl, recreates a simple terrarium with pebbles, a few accessories and a pretty indoor plant. She also offers up ideas on other terrariums she created and points out that they make great personalised gifts. Indeed!

2.    Create a faux terrazzo wall with help from the kids
Walk into a modernist space and people ooh-aah about the terrazzo flooring. Recently, terrazzo has also become a popular form of wall treatment. The treatment which is created with chips of marble and granite stones set into concrete and polished, has a distinct personality and the irregularities of its components make every setting unique and seems personalized. But of course, terrazzo is an expensive and involved process that takes time and effort to create. Not the faux version, though. In this video, the stylists and their kiddie helpers recreate the effect of terrazzo with a bit of tape and spit (we’re kidding). Bit of tape, chalk and some roller brushes, for a cool wall treatment…

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