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DIY idea to make your own greeting card

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Since the in-house days have been extended indefinitely, keeping kids and yourself entertained seems to be a never-ending challenge. So in case you are looking at new ideas and projects, we have this super fun and creative one right here. Not only is it engaging, but also borderline addictive and quite therapeutic.

For all of you wondering how to keep your little ones and yourselves occupied and entertained, we have a super fun and creative DIY project right here that you will love! Not only is it engaging, but also borderline addictive and quite therapeutic. Watch Andrew Fernandes, our guest stylist, apply his background in fine arts and a few simple things easily found around the house, to create a fun DIY greeting card with leaves that absolutely everyone would enjoy doing.

Andrew Fernandes, our guest stylist, applies his background in fine art, to create a project that absolutely anyone could enjoy doing.

Another reason for you to do this is that it works as a good break from the daily work and chores. All you need is a brush, some paints and fallen leaves (don’t forget to wash these well before using them). Also, some card paper to turn these into greeting cards.

Here’s how you can do this along with your kids:
1.    Start by picking out any leaf, that you would like as your canvas.
2.    Next, pick out your favourite colours and paint the leaf as you like. You could mix and match colours, make patterns, or simply apply one
       single colour all over it.
3.    Then let your coloured leaves air dry.
4.    Once done, paste these on a folded card paper to make personalised greeting cards.

Here are a few more things to do with these leaves:
-    Stick them on a string and make a colourful bunting for your room.
-    Frame them and use them as wall décor.
-    Use them as bookmarks.
-    If you have an old dream catcher lying around, replace the feathers with these to give it a whole new look.

Basically, have fun and go crazy with ideas!


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