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Make your Holi colourful, fragrant and safe with this simple idea

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Originally, Holi is a festival that signifies the end of winter and the arrival of spring bringing with it the blossoming of flowers and love and all things nice. As you know, good things like these take time and a bit of effort but are so worth the journey. With this Holi DIY we have something for you that does take some work but will fill your festival not just with colour but also fragrance and delight.

Here is how you can use flowers to create natural, safe and eco-friendly colours to play with this holi.

With the state of world today, we should not do anything without being aware of the consequences. Readymade chemical powders for Holi though easy to purchase and use, have a number of harmful effects on your skin. Not to mention the blotches left behind on the streets and public property where people play with the colours. Let's make the festival special this year and celebrate with an extra dose of care for your loved ones and the environment. The key words here are flowers, colours, natural, eco-friendly, child safe, washable and fun!

Step one, head to the market and get a nice selection of flowers. Look for rose petals, pink nerium, and marigold.

Step two, pluck the petals of these flowers and spread them out to dry. You can involve your children and relatives in this activity. It will take a few days for them to dry out fully, depending on the sun exposure. Give them a gentle stir every now and then and notice the change in colour over time.

Step three, when fully dry, powder the petals in the mixer and store in separate containers. Surprise your friends with your creativity and enjoy the festival without any worry.

If we're going to throw stuff at each other, let it be love and kindness only.


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