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Companies have given out the ‘work from home’ directive but most people are not used to it. Also, working from home means a different thing to everyone according to profession, space availability and furniture at hand. However, keeping in mind the current scenario we are all trying to make the best of what we have. And that doesn’t have to always mean you, a couch, a laptop and snacks by your side. To increase our productivity and add a sense of routine to our day, it is immensely helpful to create a small space in our homes that feels professional and that we can call just our own. 

For those working from home here are some easy ways to create your own home office during the Corona lockdown period.

With this DIY we would like to share ideas on how you can feel as professional as it is possible while working from home. All you have to do is move your furniture around and find a way to demarcate that space for yourself. We have divided the ideas into three categories, which are likely to cover most working from home scenarios.

If your work is about design, illustration, accounts, journalism, etc then your office set up will mainly comprise a laptop, wifi, natural or table light and a desk with some other working essentials. Move a desk and chair that you have in your home interior to a corner of any room where you have the spare space. We suggest you pick a corner of your bedroom. You can then use a carpet because it will help define the space and add some cheer to it. Use the wall in front of you as a mood-board - add sticky notes and image inspiration, and also your schedule. Make sure you have your stationary close by along with reference books, catalogs, printer, speakers and a dustbin on the floor. You can add a plant or poster to create an inspiring setting where you feel comfortable working in. 

If you have young kids at home and no outside help, chances that you'll actually be able to work long hours at a stretch on your own are flimsy. The best way to work and keep your eye on them is to make them a part of your office space. Use a larger table or if you can’t find one, use your dining table to create a space where they can draw, paint and study. Bring in craft material, children’s books, objects and games which they like and can access easily by themselves. Place a carpet so the kids can also move to the floor with their colouring books when they like.

If you need to give or take classes, there are plenty of online apps which will allow you to make video conference calls. The corner you set up will act like a background for your online calls. Make it personal and evocative of your activity. If you are into wellness, yoga, fitness then using posters, paintings, objects or plants helps create a mood to fit your theme. Mix and match carpets to define a space on the floor, add cushions, blankets, throws - make it cosy. Use a stool or low chair to prop your laptop, select an angle which works to your advantage, adjust the height so it looks natural. 

If working indoors is driving you slightly nuts, and you are lucky to have a balcony, make use of that. Take furniture outside, identify a corner where you can get enough light and a fresh perspective. However, whatever arrangements you make, working from home if you are not used to it can be difficult. So be kind to yourself and remember, we are all trying to do our best with what we have at hand. Keep up the good work, and stay safe.


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