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Ditch regular gift wrapping for a handmade origami box this Diwali

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Don’t just buy a gift, personalise it with a handmade origami box. Watch our video for the steps


Make this origami gift box for any occasion.

Say you’re a bad gift-giver; the kind of person who gives Decathalon coupons to a friend who’d prefer well, anything but Decathalon coupons. But you’re kind and want to make an effort, or your intentions outsize your budget. Here’s an idea… make the gift box for the coupons or whatever gift you’re thinking of. And not just any gift-box, make an Origami gift-box. The Japanese art form elevates the daily and everyday into something special and considerate. Kochi-based Ria Verghese is an entrepreneur who runs the city edition of Cuckoo Club by Hive, plus her own event management company called Oona Loves. She has also earned a reputation and fan following for her intricate Origami products, especially the gift-boxes. “I love working with paper; you can do so much with it. When I make things I try to keep in mind that it should be something people will want to keep and reuse and not throw away.” Before you start, Ria has some important bits of advice:

·    Make sure to use crisp paper. Try to practice on inexpensive paper which is differently coloured on each side so that you know which is front
     and back. You may have to try it several times to get the hang of it

·    I have used thick paper here and a creasing tool to help make the fold neat

·    Work on a straight, stable, solid surface

·    Ensure you fold the crease very well. All the creases should be flattened quite precisely unless the instructions specify not to

·    Follow all the steps correctly. If you miss a step, the entire process will get difficult

·    When folding, make sure the corners and edges meet accurately

·    Watch our video, practice and have fun!

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