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Decorate your Easter eggs with materials you have at home

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Easter is around the corner, and even though we are all under lockdown we can still get our festive spirit on. This simple and fun DIY is easy to do at home, and with whoever you are living with - friends, family or even by yourself. When it comes to egg decoration there is no right and wrong, just unleash your creativity with as many styles and designs as you can think of and make sure to involve your kids. Take this time to try new things out and define/refine your style, colour palette and preferred craft materials. Here are two ways of decorating your eggs. And yes, we are ensuring that we are not wasting any eggs in the process. Enjoy!

Use materials you already have at home to create these fun Easter eggs with your kids.

Option 1 

Boil eggs in salted water to prevent them from cracking. Decorate the shell with wax crayons, pencils and pens. To add an extra layer of colour while using materials you have at home, you can prepare natural dyes at home. With a tablespoon of vinegar boil beetroot for pink colour, red cabbage for blue or use turmeric for yellow. Drain the liquid from the boiled vegetables and dip your decorated eggs for 20 minutes to one hour for the colour intensity you need. Remember to save the veggies for later.

Option 2 
To use just the shells, poke the raw eggs with a needle to make a hole at the top and bottom. With a straw, blow at one end to empty out the eggs in a bowl from the other end. Wash the shells and let them dry. You can decorate the shell with paint, nail polish, glue, string, sequins, feathers, markers. Don't be scared to try things out, explore different styles, use/recycle things you have at home - mistakes will happen, but that's OK. You can also use the eggs as a canvas to tell a story, according to a theme or just try different colours and shapes.

Once your eggs are ready, you can think of a way to present them. For our feminist miniature eggs done with a marker on an empty shell, we used an old frame and created a display. 

So you are done with the decorating? Now it’s time take a break. Use the boiled vegetables you used for the colours and the boiled eggs to make a nice salad for lunch. Use the raw eggs to make an omelette so that nothing goes to waste. 

Bon appétit and happy Easter everyone!


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