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A simple DIY to celebrate the New Year

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Need an idea for an empty corner in a room? Want to brighten up your entry hall? This DIY is for you. Instagram quotes and sayings are always very popular and this little board art project could be used for that too. And you can hang it up anywhere that’s fit to show off a reminder of ideas you value or anything imagery you want to celebrate. And, just as important, this is a super fun little thing to do.

This New Year DIY is perfect for an empty wall in your home.

As the New Year is close, we chose to do a little 2020 welcome and appreciation piece.

Here’s what you need:
1.    A framed canvas (here: 12x16 inches)
2.    Masking tape
3.    Stationery: Ruler, pencil, cutter, paintbrush
4.    Acrylic paint

1.    A base coat is given to the canvas and let to dry.

2.    Use the masking tape to create stripes, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. A small tip to make sure your stripes are even: Tape the first and
       last one on each edge.

3.    Measure the centre and put the centre tape on, according to the width of the stripe you want, divide the two remaining halves equally and
       stick the tape accordingly.

4.    To make sure the edges come clean, do not dilute the paint too much, use it in a thick way. Let it dry well and touch up the edges with a
        thin brush after removing the tape.

5.    For the text to come out neat, get a print out of your word on a thick paper (280 gsm) and cut out the letters.

6.    You can then place it on the canvas and trace it with a sharp pencil.

7.    Using the brush, paint the letters neatly starting with the edge and then filling the colour inside.

8.    Add a layer of paint to ensure it covers the background well.

9.    Your sign is ready! 


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