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A paper envelope that’s perfect for gifting both sentimental and practical presents


A DIY that uses origami folding techniques to create an elegant, beautiful envelope nobody will want to throw away


An origami DIY for the season of gifting.


Events planner and DIY maven, Ria Verghese is back on our pages. The Kochi-based founder of Oona Love Décor, and director at The Cuckoo Club, Kochi, is our guest DIY tutor for the Diwali period. In her last installment she created a gorgeously complicated box that seemed like a two-dimensional puzzle that comes together to form a stylish gift box. Now, Ria’s worked out an elegant way to present the gift that keeps on giving—money! The thoughtfulness of the packaging, think of it as a couture envelope, is a great concealment for what’s inside. “These paper envelopes can also be used as a cover for invitations, for gift vouchers or even just a letter to a loved one,” says Ria.


DIY envelope

Before you begin, a few words of caution. Watch the video and pause-play the key steps a few times, and experiment on easy-to-buy origami paper in order to get the hang of this DIY. Ria advises using thick imported paper that’s at least 220 to 250 gsm in thickness, rather than the usual origami paper, which is far too thin for the purpose. She sources imported chart paper locally, and has them cut into large squares, and that’s what she’s done in this video. “This paper is a lot tougher and that’s really important,” she says. “Of course, it is harder to crease. That’s why it’s good to graduate to using this after trying out the instructions with the thin paper, which will crease more easily.” Is there a way to fix mistakes in the folds? Ria is decisive: “No, you’ll have to throw it out and start again.” So, practise, practise, practise.


Styled By:

Ria Verghese

Videography By:

Curiouser Films

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