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Musicians share tips on caring for your instruments in monsoon

Rust on metal strings, expanding wood, electrical equipment getting crackly - professionals share how they avoid these issues and keep their piano, guitar, sitar, saxophone and violin safe in the wet season

A guide to tufted upholstery and how it can add drama to your interiors

An upholstery technique that originated in the 1800s and is still popular today, tufting comes in a variety of techniques and patterns to elevate your home interiors

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DIY shoe rack ideas for an organised home

The right storage can instantly make any room look neater

8 fantastic backdrop ideas to elevate your home office setup

From minor tweaks to interesting D.I.Y. design projects, here are eight ways to amp up your home office back walls for those Zoom meetings

Interior design colours that go with green

The colour green is associated with a calming and grounding effect of our sensibilities and surprisingly, not very common in home interiors yet. And that is because it is not an easy colour to style. Let us take a look at..